precautions while using pesticides

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Do not over apply pesticides

Precautions while using Pesticides

Pesticides are substances meant for attracting, seducing, destroying, or mitigating any pest.
Do not over apply pesticides

Excessive application could cause the pesticide to run off or seep into water supplies and contaminate them. Once contaminated it is difficult or impossible to clean water sources. Excess spray may leave harmful residues on your homegrown fruit and vegetables, Thiscould affect other plants, wildlife, and fish. Read the label to determine if the pesticide should be watered in by irrigation. Never mix or apply a pesticide near wellheads, stormwater drains, or bodies of water, such as creeks and streams.

Avoid Equipment Accidents
A pesticide poisoning
Personal Protective Equipment
Protection of nonpest animals and plants
Inhaled poison
Keep pesticides away from plants and wildlife you do not want to treat
Preharvest intervals
Poison on skin
Storage and Disposal
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