precautions while using cng

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Statutory requirements

Precautions while using CNG

Compressed natural gas can be used in place of gasoline Diesel fuel and propane/LPG.
Statutory requirements

Endorsement of CNG or bi fuel mode in Registration Certificate.
Annual checking of the CNG Kit and maintaining the certificate.
Hydro testing of the cylinder, once in 5 years, as per Gas cylinder rules.
Certificate of CNG Kit, Fitness and hydro test to be possessed by the driver all the time. Maintain cylinders in good condition.
No repair to be done on cylinder and valves. No oil, Grease or lubricant to be used for cylinder. Dont change the color of the cylinder.
If safety disc has burst, replace it with genuine one. Do not allow make shift arrangements.
Do not allow cylinder for heat treatment. In case vehicle is undergoing repairs involving welding or heat application to any part within 1.5 m of the cylinder,the cylinder should be flush out with inert gas.

Safety Aspects in CNG Refilling Stations
Emergency Shut Down Procedure
Verification That Each Cylinder Is Empty
Low Pressure Filter
Gas leak smells like rotten eggs
Statutory requirements
Replacing Filter Element
Be very careful using a gas stove
Returning to Supply
Emergency Response for Gas Leaks
Experts say CNGs safe
Codes and Compliances
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