precautions while using atm machines

Precautions while using ATM Machines

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31. Block the view of others when using the ATM
Block the view of others when using the ATM.Shield the keypad as necessary when entering your PIN and the amount so that it is not seen by anyone waiting. Pick up the currency notes as soon as they come out of the ATM, else they may go back inside the machine again! If this happens the only thing you can do is to file a complain at your bank and the money will come bank into your account.
32. Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM
Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM.If the ATM appears to have any attachments or alterations to the card slot or keypad, do not use the ATM. Report the potential problem to the bank that operates the ATM. If you do not get any cash from the ATM machine due to any error, keep the ATM slip safe as proof of failed transaction. Good to keep a photocopy of the transaction. An ATM machine stays active for 30 seconds after every transaction, so you should leave the ATM machine only after the welcome logo is displayed again on the machine.
33. When in line at a drive up ATM
When in line at a drive up ATM,keep your doors locked, windows up and engine running. Never leave your ATM transaction slip at the machine, neither should you dump it at the dustbin. Keep the ATM receipts safe till you get your next monthly statement. On getting a new ATM card be sure to sign the back side immediately.
34. Instead of debit method
When checking out with your purchases, consider using the credit method instead of debit method.Credit method requires your signature, not your PIN. That way you don t have to enter your PIN in view of the people behind you in the checkout lane. If you choose debit method, block the view of others when using the POS terminal.
35. Precautions while using enter your PIN
Never allow the cashier or any other person to enter your PIN for you,even if they are assisting you with the transaction. Always keep your PIN a secret. At least once a month get your bank passbook updated. If there is any problem with any ATM transaction, contact your bank manager immediately. There is an expiry period mentioned on the back side of your ATM card. Be sure to apply for a new ATM card before the expiry period else the ATM card can swallow up your old ATM card!
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38. Never give out any personal financial information
Never give out any personal financial information (account numbers, social security number, etc.) to anyone on the phone unless you placed the call and know the company s privacy and security policy. Also, call your financial institution if you receive phone calls from individuals inquiring about your account balances or where to deposit your prize winnings.
39. Make sure your personal financial documents
Do not keep your personal financial information on your person unless you need to use it that day. Make sure your personal financial documents are secured. There is a magnetic panel on the back side of your ATM card. Keep this safe from scratches and keep it away from your TV. If you have time, withdraw cash only through the authorized ATMs of your bank. The reason is that in case of any ATM error, you can get your cash back on the next working day itself. It takes more time if the ATM is of another bank.
40. Check your credit report
Check your credit report at least annually to make sure unauthorized individuals are not accessing your credit information. If you receive a letter from a credit bureau referring to a credit check you did not authorize, please contact that credit bureau immediately.