precautions while using atm machines

Precautions while using ATM Machines

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21. Secure Environment
Our computer system does not connect directly to the Internet. It is isolated from the network via a firewall a software and hardware product that defines, controls and limits the access that outside computers have to the bank s computer. This firewall subscribes to the standards set by the NCSA (National Computer Security Association). In other words, use of the firewall allows only authenticated bank customers or administrators to send or receive transactions through it.
22. Security Reviews
We provide continuous monitoring and auditing of all transactions originating from or outbound to the Internet. We operate with all the rules and regulations of banking and bank security as set forth by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve. We are committed to working with our communications providers to produce the safest operating environment possible for our customers and will take advantage of evolving security enhancements.
23. Treat your card like cash
Always keep your card in a safe place. Recent incident that skimming machines were installed at some ATMs in Mumbai and money running into lakhs was withdrawn abroad, has come as a shock to many. The use of ATM machines by people has reduced a great deal of workload of banks. The people are also happy to use ATMs as it is convenient. But unfortunately, there are many scandals and incidents associated with ATM cards. It is very common to hear that somebody has lost an ATM card and password and that the card has been misused by somebody else. In this article I will talk about the precautions that should be kept in using ATM cards and machines.
24. Do not disclose information about your card over the telephone
No one needs to know your PIN, not even your bank. If you perform transactions over the telephone using your ATM or Debit Card(s), never disclose your PIN. If your card is lost or stuck up in your ATM machine, contact your bank immediately and ask them to block your ATM card. You will be given a complain number, be sure to note it down.
25. Never disclose information about your card
Never disclose information about your cardin response to an unsolicited email or request. E mail is a common channel for fraud perpetration. Never provide your debit or credit card number, PIN or any other personal information to any entity in response to an unsolicited e mail or request. Stillman Bank will never ask you for your PIN.
26. Make sure your Internet shopping sites are secure
Make sure your Internet shopping sites are secure.Look for secure transaction symbols when shopping online to ensure your account information is protected. Always logoff from any site after you make a purchase. If you can t log off, shut down your browser to prevent unauthorized access to your account information.
27. Report a lost or stolen card
Report a lost or stolen card at onceto reduce the chance that it will be used improperly. Prompt notice of lost or stolen cards will also limit your potential liability for unauthorized transactions. Make it a point to change your pin manually once you receive it from the bank.In case of any problems with an ATM transaction, you can ask the ATM guard for help, but be sure not to tell him your pin number. Never right your pin number on your ATM card.
28. Review your bank account statements promptly
Review your bank account statements promptlyand report any errors including transactions you believe may be unauthorized as soon as possible. Again, a prompt notice will limit your potential liability for unauthorized transactions. If you insert your card in the ATM of another bank and it says invalid activity , try the ATM of your own bank. There might be a technical problem. However if this message keeps coming, request your bank for a new ATM card.
29. Always observe the ATM surroundings
Always observe the ATM surroundingsbefore conducting a transaction. If anyone or anything appears to be suspicious, leave the area at once. You can withdraw 15,000 25,000 rupees per day only through your ATM. If you cannot find the ATM of your own bank and use the ATM of another bank, you can withdraw Rupees 10,000 only at the maximum.
30. Make sure you have finalized the transaction
Make sure you have finalized the transactionand removed your card before leaving the ATM. Some ATMs ask if you want another transaction . You must reply No to close out your card s transactions. If you do not close your card s transactions and remove your card, the next ATM user can use your card.