most amazing fountains around the world

Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

A collection of the Top Most Awesome Fountains Around The World which will amaze everyone .
1. Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi Italy
Standing 25.9 meters 85 feet high and 19.8 meters 65 feet wide Trevi Fountain Fontana di Trevi is one of the most beautiful sculptures in Rome Italy. It was ordered in 1732 by Clemens XII and thirty years later his predecessor Clemens XIII christened it. The fountain has Neptune or Oceanus in the middle and two tritons one trying to tame a fiery horse symbolizing the rough sea and one blowing a shell horn symbolizing the quiet sea.Trevi became famous for a scene in Fellini La Dolce Vita when Anita Ekberg takes a late night bath in the fountain. There also a legend saying that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you will return to Rome.
2. Magic fountain of Montjuic Barcelona
Built by designer Carles Buigas in 1929 for the Great Universal Exhibition the magic fountain of Montjuic is a spectacular display of colour light motion music and water acrobatics. Located in Barcelona between Placa dEspanya and the National Palau the magic fountain attracts thousands of tourists every night to see the water and the music show. If you are in Barcelona make sure you do not miss it.
3. Tivoli Fountain fountain Rome
A historic hilltown in the Lazio region of Italy and one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Rome Tivoli is famous for its magnificent gardens of the Villa dEste one of Italy most admired gardens and the extensive ruins of Hadrian Villa. Tivoli Fountain fountain the Ovetta or Oval is also called the Tiburtine Fountain and represents the profusion of the waters in the area around Tivoli.
4. Bellagio Fountains
Most likely Las Vegas and the Bellagio are renowned as top notch resorts for gambling but there more to it than just losing MONEY at the table. The Bellagio Fountains are a refreshing addition to your entertainment options simply fabulous. Professionally choreographed musical routines and rushing water going up to 460 feet from a total of 1 214 water emitting devices the fountain has been featured in countless films television shows photographs and articles on Las Vegas. Some say that the Fountains at Bellagio is one of the best places to propose for marriage but we ca not tell for sure. Youd better try it.
5. Fountain of Wealth Singapore
The Fountain of Wealth is located underground within the commercial complex largest shopping mall of Suntec City in Singapore and is famous for being the largest fountain in the world. Made of bronze with five tower blocks representing the fingers and the thumb of a left hand emerging from the ground the Fountain of Wealth looks a lot like the palm of the hand.
6. Archibald Fountain Sydney
Unveiled in March 1932 by the Lord Mayor of Sydney Samuel Walder the Archibald Fountain is located in Hyde Park in central Sydney and is the favorite fountain of the city. Inspired from classical Greek and Roman art and literature the flamboyant fountain depicts a bronze Apollo surrounded by other mythical figures and animals that exuberantly spray jets of water. Designed by French sculptor Francois Sicard it commemorates the association of Australia and France during World War 1.
7. Jet d Eau Geneva
A large fountain water jet emblazoned on every piece of tourist literature or books about Geneva Jet dEau is an inescapable icon of the city. Located at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River the fountain sends water into the sky at 124 mph 220km/h up to 460 feet 140 meters high and is visible throughout the city. It operates in summer from May to September but also during the Motor Show in March.
8. People Friendship Fountain Russian
The All Russian Exhibition Center is a very large complex in Moscow containing exhibition halls a rest area and a giant TRADE center. It a must if you are a guest or a tourist of the city. One of the most interesting things in this octagonal square is the People Friendship Fountain also known as Friendship of Nations with the 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national costumes representing all the Soviet Union Republics with Mongolia included to make up numbers.
9. largest musical fountain Xian
Originally built in 652 during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a well preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. It located in the southern suburb of Xian City the place is famous for being home to the largest musical fountain in Asia with the longest light belt in the world. Our advice visit it at night because the whole place is illuminated and everything looks stunning.
10. King Fahd Fountain Saudi Arabia
Located in the city of Jeddah Saudi Arabia the King Fahd Fountain is famous for being the highest fountain in the world throwing water up to 1023 ft 312m that taller than the Eiffel Tower if you exclude the antenna. It uses 3 massive pumps that can deliver 625 litres of water per second at an amazing speed of 233 mph 375 km/h. Traveling to Jeddah do not forget to pay it a visit it incredible.Maximum height achieved is as the maximum height achieved is 1023ft 312m by the water is 312m 1023ft. The 3 massive pumps deliver 625 litres 165 gallons of water per second each. The water is propelled through the 126mm 5 inch nozzles at an incredible speed of 375 km/h 233mph.

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