If you are married, you may have discovered why marriage is important.
21. Faster promotions at work
According to studies, married people perform better in the workplace than those who are single. As such, they enjoy the opportunity of being promoted faster than singles.
22. Longer life
It is a fact that married people live longer lives than singles. Studies confirm that marriage is directly associated with lower mortality risk. Those who are divorced and are single have a mortality risk that is 50 percent higher than married individuals.
23. Healthy mind
Studies show that married men have a lower risk of depression have higher cognitive functions and have a reduced risk of Alzheimers disease.
24. Greater satisfaction
Studies show that married men enjoy a better and more abundant life than those who are single.
25. Higher chance at affluence
According to studies, people who remain single all their lives have higher chances of experiencing poverty compared to people who are married. Married people are driven to excel at work because they have a family to support and provide for. Thus, they are more likely to have better jobs and good savings.
26. Married women report higher levels of physical and psychological health
Formerly married women reported the worst health while never married women fell between these two groups. Compared with unmarried women, married women had less job stress, environment stress, child stress, financial stress, and relationship stress. Health measures included self rated health, distress level, chronic illness, and a number of stress types, ranging from social life stress to job strain.
27. Married people are more likely to volunteer
Compared to unmarried peers, married adults were1.3 times more likely to have volunteered for socialservices and averaged 1.4 times more volunteer hours.
28. Ever married women are less likely to experience poverty
Compared to never married peers, women who had ever been married were substantially less likely to be poor regardless of race, family background, non marital births, or education. Ever married women have a poverty rate that was roughly one third lower than the poverty rate of never married women. Currently married women had an even lower probability of living in poverty about two thirds lower than other women.
29. Marriage is associated with a lower mortality risk
ompared to married individuals, those who have never been married had nearly twice the mortality risk. Divorced or separated individuals ran a mortality risk more than 50 percent higher than those who were married. The black white mortality gap narrowed when marital status was taken into account.

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