If you are married, you may have discovered why marriage is important.
1. Helps you have stronger morals
Not to say that the only way to be a moral person is to get married, but living a married life involves a lot of challenges. When people get married and start to build their own family, they experience problems that are not commonly experienced by singles (such as providing for children, paying for debt that is not your own, etc). Because of this, married people are given the opportunity to overcome unique challenges, thus allowing them to become stronger in their morality.
2. Encourages you to eat healthier
Its been proven that cooking your own meals is healthier than eating out. The problem for single people is that they normally dont have someone to cook for them. Consequently, they are more likely to eat out. However, married people can cook for each other, giving them a higher chance at eating healthier.
3. You earn more money
Most singles believe that they have better opportunities of earning more than married people. Truth be told, married people are more likely to earn more than singles. Aside from the fact that married people have less tax to pay, they have a higher motivation to get better jobs than single people because they have their own families to raise and provide for.
4. Take advantage of more tax breaks
As mentioned earlier, singles are required to pay more taxes than married people. Married employees enjoy the benefit of paying less tax than singles because national legislators understand that married people need more money to provide for the needs of their families.
5. Enjoy companionship
According to psychology, one of the basic needs of every human being is a sense of companionship or belonging. When a person gets married, he or she enjoys the company of his or her spouse.
6. Emotional support
When singles are confronted with difficulties in life, they normally turn to their friends for support or comfort. However, friends may not always be there. Unlike singles, married people have their spouse to serve as their shoulders to cry on when they are burdened down.
7. Become selfless
When a person gets married, they dedicate their lives to their spouse and children. As times goes on, married people learn to live for someone other than themselves.
8. Children
One of the most rewarding feelings in the world is having your own children. A married person experiences challenges in raising his or her children from time to time, but these challenges are nothing compared to the love that develops between parents and children.
9. Stable environment for children
Being married does not only provide a range of benefits for the husband and wife but also for their children. When a child is raised within a stable marriage, the child has a higher sense of security than a child whose parents are not married.
10. You wont die alone
Its one thing living the single, none committal life. But what happens when you are older and all of those steaming rendezvous have rendezvoused out of your age? Sure, marriage does not guarantee that you wont end up alone (you could end up divorcing), but its one of the most stable actions you can take to make sure someone who loves you will be with you till the end.

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