life secrets and tips

Life Secrets And Tips

social skills, self-confidence, fashion sense, and aesthetic polish.
1. Cut gluten from your diet
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye oats, and barley. Like so many other substances today, gluten is not meant to be put into our bodies. The humans alive at the time that our bodies last experienced major evolution did not consume all of the bread products we now have.
2. Do pushups
Pushups are the easiest way to get into an exercise routine and the most complete upper body workout available without weights. Doing 3 sets of pushups until fail every other day is a simple way to tone up your chest, arms, back and abs. If you want to step it up a notch, this website promises to get anyone to be able to complete 100 pushups within 6 weeks.
3. Watch Waking Life
Waking Life is a movie about a guy drifting around in a dream world having philosophical conversations with the interesting characters he meets along the way. If you like the articles here on HighExistence, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that you will love this film.
4. Go for walks
Whenever you are feeling unmotivated, depressed, angry or [insert crappy emotion here], take a walk. Its a sure fire way to hit the reset button and get back into a positive mindset. Theres something about being in nature, getting some exercise and (most importantly) being present that can get you over any emotional hump.
5. Use StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon (SU) is an internet tool that brings you to random sites based upon your interests. You can also specify a particular interest category while also limiting the results to videos, photos, news, blogs, etc. SU is the best way to discover awesome content around the web, much of which you didnt even know you were looking for, As you go through and Thumbs up or thumbs down different web content, SU learns more about your interests and returns more accurate results. I also call it the Serendipity Engine because of the countless times Ive been thinking about a problem or looking for something and then the answer has come randomly to me through SU.
6. Read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
This freakishly fascinating book is best explained best by Wikipedia. It examines mythology, its effect on ethics, and how that relates to sustainability. The novel uses a style of Socratic dialogue to deconstruct the notion that humans are the end product, the pinnacle of biological evolution. It posits that human supremacy is a cultural myth, and asserts that modern civilization is enacting that myth.
7. Practice Stoicism
Stoicism is centered around being unaffected by misfortune. A good stoic will recognize that mishaps will inevitable occur so he she is constantly ready and open to experiencing them. Unlike pessimists, Stoics expect bad things to happen only because they recognize this is the nature of reality, and strive to become immune to being demoralized by said misfortunes.
8. Dont compare yourself to others
Everyone is born with different strengths and weakness. Otherwise we wouldnt be individuals and how much fun would that be? Consequently dont hold yourself to the standards of others; youll never measure up to everyone.
9. Compare yourself to others
Use the success of others as motivation to continue growing and learning. Competition is strong medicine and can be used to your advantage if you dont get too caught up in it. Strive to achieve a balance between #34 and #35.
10. Recognize the duality of every truth
As you likely noticed, #34 and #35 contradict each other, and yet both are solid truths. This is an example of how most great truths have some level of duality to them. Life is not absolute; let that apply to your beliefs as well dont be stubborn about them,.

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