fashion trends that didnt survive the 90s

Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s

Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s
21. Doc Martens
Doc Martens were just right for adding a bold touch to a girly baby doll dress or enhancing the cool factor of then popular tapered jeans. Every badass owned a pair even cartoon character Daria Morgendorffer.
22. Flannel Shirts
What did lumberjacks and 90s kids have in common? They both wore flannel shirts. Often worn over graphic tees, flannel shirts became synonymous with the grunge movement.
23. CK1
Ah, CK1. One whiff of this fragrance will forever stir memories of the raging hormones and horrible dance moves of proms past.
24. Slap Bracelets
Violence and fun formed an unlikely alliance in this childhood fad. Slap bracelets came in every color of the rainbow and fit wrists of all sizes, but they also caused their fair share of injuries.
25. Gelled Curls on Men
When your hairstyle resembles a college diet staple, you know it s time for a new look. Nothing about these curls was attractive, especially when they were bleached to resemble dry ramen noodles. Justin Timberlake will never live this down.
26. Plaid
Each and every outfit in the 90s seemed to circumvent around plaid. Thankfully, the crosshatched pattern is found in more than just men s flannel shirts cute dresses, long tunic tops and winter outwear all exclaim its multi colored vibrancy in a decade definitely more look at me that stop looking at me. Eternally proud for private schools and trendy enough for those too young to remember its dowdy and depressing place in history.
27. Torn Jeans
Jeans go through various incarnations with every fashion season faded, dark wash, skinny, cargo, deconstructed
28. Red Lipstick
Resurfaced by many a modern vixen in her era and most popularly with Gwen Stefani during the 90s a pair of red lips is a bold fashion movement in itself. With pin up irreverence, somehow dressing up our lips negated the lack of effort in the rest of our wardrobe selection. And much like the revolving door of fashion trends passed, red lipstick has a style that appears timeless, but makes a comeback every 10 15 years.
29. Floral Dresses
Baby doll fitted and created in varying hem lengths, a floral pattern was the perfect pairing to your clunky Doc Martens (and ripped tights and Blossom hat). I m not sure how we ever got a date. While designers have vamped up our floral friend from the 90s, you should certainly have some luck at a vintage or thrift store for the real deal. I mean, it s only been 15 years.
30. Slouchy Sweaters
The 90s were well known for its shapeless couture slouchy sweaters being on several top lists for women of all stature and sizes. Too long sleeves, heavy knitted fabrics, tight necklines and oftentimes, an irregular, oblong hem, these large tops are back and bigger than ever. And if it s too big, then put a belt around it! Also seen: horrid, Christmasy, ski slope esque patterns. I m looking at you, Victoria s Secret catalog.