fashion trends that didnt survive the 90s

Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s

Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s
11. Babydoll Dresses
Inspired by the nave yet loveable star of the film Clueless, adolescent girls everywhere began donning these youthful dresses. They could be paired with Doc Martens for a trendier look.
12. Tiny All Over the Head Buns
Its cousins the ballet bun and the messy bun may still be in vogue, but the tiny buns that engulfed the heads of celebs like Gwen Stefani are certainly not.
13. Airwalks
In the battle between Airwalks and Vans, the latter emerged victorious while Airwalks faded into obscurity, leaving many skater boys to mourn the loss of their favorite brand.
14. Brown Lipstick
Edgy girls everywhere expressed their angst on the outside by sporting brown lipstick. Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Aniston could all be spotted wearing this deep shade during the 90s.
15. The Rachel
Hoping to look like their favorite Friend , fashion forward gals everywhere swarmed to their salons. The infamous haircut only went out of style when women began to realize its choppy layers and interesting highlights flattered very few face shapes.
16. Mood Rings
They almost never accurately predicted your mood, but these rings were all the rage back in the day.
17. Stirrup Pants
You might want to hold your horses before buying a pair of these pants. They may be fine for jockeys, but they serve no purpose for anyone else.
18. Discman Headphones
Although we ve since graduated to bigger and better headphones (think Beats), all the cool 90s kids wore these around their necks when they weren t listening to their favorite jams.
19. Skorts
What do you get when you cross a skirt with shorts? A skort! Fortunately, the unattractive offspring of skirts and shorts are rarely seen off the tennis courts today. At least they were good for keeping elementary school perverts from looking up your skirt on the monkey bars.
20. Butterfly Hairclips
Sarah Michelle Gellar took on much tamer creatures before battling vampires. Butterfly hairclips were once all the rage among party girls or anyone who wanted to add a feminine touch to their outfit. Now they look ridiculous on anyone over the age of 10.