best selling books in history

Best Selling Books In History

The Bible is the best-selling book of all-time, with Guinness World Records.
1. Charlotte s Web 50 million
A childrens classic especially after being made into a film by the same name, Charlottes Web tells the story of young pig Wilbur and his spider friend Charlotte who spins her web to convince the farmer to keep him alive. Written by E.B. White, the book is listed as the bestselling childrens paperback in history by Publishers Weekly.
2. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care 50 million
One of only three nonnovels on this list, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care by Dr. Benjamin Spock unrelated to the Star Trek character of the same last name was published in 1946. The bestselling book in America during the 20th century, this tome was written for parents, especially mothers, as a manual on child care. PostWorld War II, Baby Boom mothers found great relief in Spocks uncomplicated, supportive tone.
3. The Mark of Zorro 50 million
Johnston McCulleys classic The Mark of Zorro has become a cult icon in pop culture. The American equivalent of Robin Hood, Zorro is the secret identity of Californian noble Don Diego de la Vega who defends the common man and humiliates corrupt officials. A widely popular 1920 film solidified Zorros place in our psyche as a masked crusader of justice.
4. Anne of Green Gables 50 million
The most popular book written by a Canadian author, Anne of Green Gables follows the life of 11yearold Anne Shirley with her adopted parents who originally wanted a boy. Selling over 50 million copies, Lucy Maud Montgomerys book has become one of the bestselling books in history. Montgomery drew on the popular formula Ann orphan stories of her time to create Anne and used her own childhood on Prince Edward Island for the setting.
5. Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ 50 million
The first fictional book to be blessed by a Pope Leo XIII, BenHur A Tale of Christ recounts the story of fictional Jewish prince Judah BenHur, enslaved by Roman rulers. Vowing revenge on the Romans, Judah becomes a charioteer and Christian, all while living in Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was emerging at the same time. Lew Wallaces knockout novel, BenHur is known as the most influential Christian book of the 19th century and won 11 Academy Awards in 1960 for its film adaptation.
6. The Ginger Man 50 million
A prolific writer, J.P. Donleavy demonstrated the skill of Irish American writers in his first and most popular novel, The Ginger Man. Published in 1955, the book was banned by both his ancestral Ireland and birth U.S.A. countries for being too obscene. Set in Dublin, this topseller follows the adventurous life of Sebastian Dangerfield as he pursues women, booze, and a rogue lifestyle while avoiding his studies at Trinity College.
7. Lolita 50 million
Written by Russiannative Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita was originally written in English before being translated into Russian by the author. Forming a classic part of 20th century literature, the book follows protagonist Humbert Humbert a 38yearold year professor as he develops a ual relationship with his new 12yearold stepdaughter Dolores Haze commonly known by his nickname for her, Lolita. Since then, Lolita has been made into two operas, two ballets, and a Broadway musical. In pop culture, the name Lolita often refers to a girl who is ually more mature than her age.
8. One Hundred Years of Solitude 50 million
The only Spanish book on this list is Colombian Gabriel Garcia M
9. Watership Down 50 million
A fantasy novel with talking rabbits though very different from stories of Brer Rabbit, Watership Down is Englishman Richard Adams flagship novel. The anthropomorphized bunnies journey to find a new home after one of them has a vision their homeland will be destroyed. The story draws parallels between freedom and tyranny as does Orwells Animal Farm and between reason and emotion.
10. The Eagle Has Landed 50 million
The best selling spy thriller book on our list and thus in history, Jack Higgins The Eagle Has Landed was published in 1975. The riveting pages follow the mission of a group of German paratroopers and an Irish IRA Irish Republican Army member as they land on the English coast in 1943. Their mission? Kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Also made into a 1976 film, The Eagle Has Landed is a mustread for any lover of suspense.