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Weird Laws Around the World

A location to die for
I arrest chew in the name of the law
The indelicate delicacy
Wheres that dessert trolley
Catch 22 customs
Fat fighters
Thai him up
Barefaced Cheek
I wonder what that teddy was doing there
Not feeling very flush
Pricey passports
G I No
Out of this world
Drunken Disorders
Czech your change
Feeding pigeons in St Marks Square Venice
Running out of fuel in Germany
Spitting in Barcelona
Wearing high heels in Greece
Driving with headlights off in Denmark
Chewing gum in Singapore
Stepping on currency in Thailand
Indian Telegraph Act 1885
Law for LGBT and Adulterers
The Legal Age for Drinking
Attempt to suicide
Stupid laws for being a pilot
Enrolling vehicle law
Lokpal bill
Indian Labor laws
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