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A Scheming Pair

Queen Victoria

Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 .
A Scheming Pair

When newly widowed, Victorias mother had turned for advice to John Conroy, a colleague of her late husband. In the years following the dukes death, the selfserving Conroy convinced the duchess that she should have herself declared Victorias regent (an agent acting on behalf of an incapacitated or underage monarch) in the event that Victoria became queen while still a minor. In this way, Conroy through the duchess could essentially control the throne.When King George IV (who loathed Conroy and the duchess) died in 1830, the pair believed they could easily persuade newlycrowned King William IV to name the duchess as Victorias regent. But King William did not trust the duchess and refused her request. The duchess petitioned Parliament, winning approval as Victorias sole regent in 1831.The regency proved unnecessary. On June 20, 1837, a month after Victorias eighteenth birthday, King William died, making Victoria queen of England.

Early Life
Heir to the Crown
She proposed to her husband Prince Albert and not vice versa
The Royal Offspring
Victorias Childhood
Queen of England
Prince Alberts Role
Becoming Queen
War and Rebellion
Courtship and Marriage
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