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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
81. Clean green
I have replaced all my old cleaning products with Methods aromatic, environmentally friendly line. My favorite tub and tile spray comes in an ergonomically correct pale blue bottle and smells delightful. In fact, all of the bottles are attractive and look great on a pantry shelf.
82. Turn it into gold
If you have something a lamp, a table, even a chair with great shape but not quite enough dash, take it to your framer and have them gild it.
83. Find the extra space
No matter what you think, theres always room to add a bench in front of the fireplace, in front of the sofa (instead of that old coffee table), in front of a club chair so you can put your feet up, at the foot of your bed.
84. Create an unexpected display
Hang art in surprising locations, like over a door or above a tall cabinet or on the pilasters of a bookcase.
85. Coordinate carpet
I got rid of all the mismatched rugs in my house and put down round jute rugs from West Elm eight feet in diameter. They throw you a curve and make the room feel lighter.
86. Begin fresh
Take a nap. When you wake up, everything will seem much nicer.
87. Thrift store gallery wall
A wall of thrift store paintings of the same subject can have even more impact than a single, more expensive piece. Case in point: the floral filled gallery wall in this Texas homes living room.
88. Light and Airy
So the interior didnt compete with views of the farm, the owner of this Alberta farmhouse opted for crisp white paint on the walls and ceiling, and blue draperies that complement the large stretch of sky outside the windows. Light pine floors with a single coat of whitewash allow the woods natural grain to show without taking away from the rooms airy feel.
89. Streamlined
Think every living room needs draperies? Think again. Here, bare windows make for a refreshingly streamlined look that also takes advantage of this Florida cottages beautiful light.
90. Pattern play
The all white backdrop cleared the way for a crisp and cozy color scheme of grey, black, and green. Gingham curtains and plaid pillows play up the preppy country feel of this Georgia log cabin.

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