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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
31. Try a higher perspective
Instead of the usual coffee table, try a pedestal table at tea height. Its more versatile you can even pull up a few chairs and eat at it. And the scale and height creates a different landscape in the room, which is much more interesting.
32. Consider the space overhead
Dont dismiss your ceiling with a coat or two of white paint. The least you can do is tint it with a dollop or two of your wall color. Or paper it with pattern. Or make a sky of golden stars with rubber stamps and a metallic ink pad.
33. Switch and rotate textiles
Ive always collected textiles, and you can make a fast, easy change with bedding, towels, and table linens to create a different mood. Switch things out seasonally, or for a special event, or whenever you want to play with a certain color or pattern.
34. Start a windowsill garden
Collect small succulents and pot them in an assortment of vintage ceramics. Line them up on a sunny windowsill. Forget to water them, and watch them grow.
35. Accent with red
Add a splash of red to your room. It could be a lampshade, a cushion, a carpet with some red in the pattern. Red is so uplifting.
36. Let photographs inspire you
I love black and white photography, and often mix my own photos in with a known artists work. I even added black linen pillows to my sofa to echo the photography and create a more graphic look.
37. Use a striped rug
Put a striped rug over your solid color carpet to create a new feeling in any room.
38. Think pink
Paint the inside of your lampshades a very pale pink. This will combat the cool light from those green fluorescent corkscrew bulbs.
39. Cast a new glow
Buy lampshades in unusual shapes. Have them made out of fabric that will cast a glow. I also love the look and texture of brown string shades from justshadesny.com. Change the color of the light by buying bulbs in amber or pink.
40. Brighten behind closed doors
Wallpaper a closet. A linen closet only needs a couple of rolls and you will feel sheer joy every time you open it.

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