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Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
21. Pull in extra seats
I found the best little Japanese style benches at Pearl River that could be used for extra seating in almost any room. Theyre available in teak or mango wood or you could paint them a fabulous color.
22. Give your bed a boost
You know youre really confident when you put your bed in the middle of the room. Add bed curtains and it becomes a private domain. I like the mattress to be a little high, so Ill buy bed lifts from Bed Bath and Beyond. Theyre like high heels for beds.
23. Try a tropical style
First, I took down the curtains in my bedroom and lacquered the walls a sexy tan color. Then I made my own moldings with tortoiseshell bamboo split lengthwise so it lies flat. I used it to outline the windows and the doors and the tray ceiling. Handsome and tropical.
24. Revive your bedroom
New bedding can make a bedroom feel fresh and new again. Areahome.com or dwellstudio.com have gorgeous and sophisticated patterns that wont empty your wallet. They even make baby bedding.
25. Rethink that empy wall
Create the perfect picture wall. I organize my photos according to theme. I like to print my travel photos out in sepia tones and then order frames and matting from the picturewallcompany.com. They make it so easy that the photos practically arrange themselves on the wall. Amy Lau
26. Think outside the box
If youve got a flat screen TV, dont leave it blank. Program it with video art.
27. Create countertop storage
Find attractive containers for all those items on the kitchen counter. Im thinking white modern canisters for flour, sugar, pasta, with a matching tray for oils and vinegars.
28. Forget the logs
For an instant fireplace, add a biofuel fireplace unit. Its a wonderfully simple installation, with no ventilation required, and theyre fueled by ethanol easily purchased at the hardware store.
29. Play with color
For high drama, paint the walls chocolate brown. For something fresh, Herm?s orange. And for serenity, theres nothing like silvery blue. Go for a semigloss finish, which gives life to the color.
30. Wow with window treatments
Purchase ready made window treatments and add something to them, like a trimmed edge or a contrasting fabric border. I like the stainless steel grommeted curtains from West Elm. Ive also tea dyed them or thrown the into a bath of Rit dye to make my own colors.

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