govardhan puja celebration

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Worshiping Govardhana Hill

Govardhan Puja Celebration

Govardhan Puja, also called Annakut (meaning a heap of grain), is celebrated as the day Krishna defe
Worshiping Govardhana Hill

While engaged with the brahmaeas who were too much involved in the performance of Vedic sacrifices, Kanea and Balarama also saw that the cowherd men were preparing a similar sacrifice in order to pacify Indra, the King of heaven, who is responsible for supplying water. As stated in the Caitanya caritamata, a devotee of Kanea has strong and firm faith in the understanding that if he is simply engaged in Kanea consciousness and Kanea transcendental loving service, then he is freed from all other obligations. A pure devotee of Lord Kanea does not have to perform any of the ritualistic functions enjoined in the Vedas nor is he required to worship any demigods. Being a devotee of Lord Kanea, one is understood to have performed all kinds of Vedic rituals and all kinds of worship to the demigods. One does not develop devotional service for Kanea by performing the Vedic ritualistic ceremonies or worshiping the demigods, but it should be understood that one who is engaged fully in the service of the Lord has already fulfilled all Vedic injunctions.In order to stop all such activities by His devotees, Kanea wanted to firmly establish exclusive devotional service during His presence in Vandavana. Because He is the omniscient Personality of Godhead, Kanea knew that the cowherd men were preparing for the Indra sacrifice, but as a matter of etiquette He began to inquire with great honor and submission from elder personalities like Maharaja Nanda.

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