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Natural Pedicure Homeopathy for

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Natural Pedicure Homeopathy for

varicose veins Take the following daily for short periods of time to relieve symptoms:
  • Hammamelis 30 c treats inflamed, sore, or itching varicose veins.
  • Pulsatilla 30 c helps varicose veins of legs and feet which feel cold or numb, especially after standing.
  • Sepia 30 c is good for women whose varicose veins arrived during pregnancy and have never got better and for tired legs and poor circulation generally.

  • Natural Pedicure Try the yoga “legs up the wall” pose
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    Organic Nightcare Applying night cream
    Conditioning Treatment Intense conditioner
    Organic Shampooing Encourage hair growth
    Daily Facial Care Remember your neck
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    Organic Nightcare Let your skin breathe
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    Oiling the Body Elasticity balm
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