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Fitness Tips

101 best fitness tips that will help you reach your health, weight loss and wellness goals.
71. Have healthy snacks on hand solution for the munchies
When I really need to munch, I make popcorn because you can eat a lot for not many calories. Or how about baby carrots, apple slices or almonds. Put your snacks in baggies and carry them with you to avoid going through the drive thru in desperation.
72. Commit to a 5k to motivate you to train
Plus, you just may find out that the energy of the supportive crowds really motivate you to keep jogging long after the race.
73. Be prepared for the morning frenzy
Freeze a few fruit smoothies to grab on my way out the door in the early mornings.
74. Download
A game plan in the kitchen will keep you motivated and keep you on track!
75. Ramp it up slowly
If you hate exercise or have a challenge with time getting it on your schedule make incremental changes each week. Aim for 20 minute workouts at first. Or start with walking. Build upon your healthy habits each week adding more time to your workouts or working out more frequently. You can ramp up your healthy eating habits in the same way one small improvement at a time.
76. Dont try fads and gimmicks
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Losing weight takes time and hard work, but you can do it.
77. Ditch excuses
I have heard them all from lack of time to lack of motivation and everything in between. Excuses won t lead to results. Excuses leave you stuck. For every problem there s a solution. If time is your challenge, put exercise on your schedule like any other appointment. If it s motivation you lack, just start.
78. Dont expect the weight to come off fast
Be realistic! You aren t going to become a gym rat overnight if you hated going to the before. You also shouldn t set a goal to drop 20 pounds in one month. Setting unrealistic goals sets people up for failure and then they give up. Start smaller. Resolve to go to the gym two times a week if you never used to go before. Remember: It takes time to gain weight; it takes time to lose it.
79. Realize exercise and your diet are married
forever.Youcan t lose weight with one and not the other period. There s no getting around it. Consistently burn more than you consume and you will be on your way to weight loss.
80. Same habits equal same results
If you always do what you ve always done, you will get what you ve always got. If you aren t getting results, change what you are doing.

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