celebrities who swear by yoga

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Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
31. Adam Levine
Adam Levine is a yoga enthusiast which explains he looks fit and energetic. The musician and songwriter well known as maroon 5s lead singer began his career in 1994. He is the winner of three Grammys, two billboards, MTV video music award and two us music awards. He has also launched his personal line of perfumes making him a successful entrepreneur as well. When it comes to his fitness routine, Levine is quite serious. Training under Chad Dennis for the last 5 years, Levine performs the hardest of asanas that requires head balancing, and postures like the peacock, the sage and the monkey.
32. Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio is seen here wearing a white cardigan and slacks to match. Looking closely at the famous Brazilian supermodel one can see that she keeps her figure perfectly toned. The Victoria secret model has an estimated value of 6.6 million USD a year. Now 32, ambrosia also participates in charitable events and has featured regular on popular TV shows. Alessandra trains under Leander carvalho and believes Yoga is good for mind and body. She claims it helps calm her as well as keeps her looking lean and fit. She usually has a sixty minute yoga workout at Mang oh studio midtown.
33. Julia Roberts
Who doesnt remember the gorgeous pretty woman Julia Roberts? Standing really tall at 46, the sister of actor Eric Roberts is a veteran of innumerous movies. Hook, steel Magnolias, oceans eleven Notting hill and runaway bride among a few. Having won an Oscar for Erin Brokovich, Roberts is one of the most successful box office actresses in Hollywood. Roberts weight loss and training programmes include a rigorous combination of resistance exercises, pilates, weight training and 45 minutes of yoga asanas every day. This is why she always manages to stay in shape and the reason for her long well toned legs.
34. Ali Larter
Alison Elizabeth Larter or Ali as she is called is popular for her roles in Marigold, legally blonde, final destination and now as the character Claire Redfield in the resident evil series video games. The 38 year old us actress has drop dead looks with a figure to match, she manages this all by yoga of course. She goes regularly to yoga classes in Beverly Hills where she lives and also indulges in mini sessions during shoots and time spent on various work. She has been photographed and seen regularly attending her gym with yoga mat in hand which goes to show she is a health fanatic when it involves yoga.
35. Gavin Rossdale
Gavin Rossdale a yoga fan is seen here clutching a yoga mat where he is most probably returning or attending yoga classes. Born in London 1965 the 48 year old lead singer and guitarist of rock group Bush swears by a strict fitness regimen involving various yogic postures and asanas. Rossdale has been attending Bikram yoga classes which require yoga exercises to be done in a sweltering hot room. Of course you sweat a lot but end up feeling lighter and healthier. Made famous by famous yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury, it is a branch of hatha yoga and followed by many celebrities.
36. Emily Blunt
Emily blunt one of the stars of The devil wears Prada has acted in several movies namely the young Victoria, Looper and TV series Gideons daughter. The BAFTA winner now 31 is seen in the picture holding a yoga mat. Her shapely figure speaks volumes for her commitment to her workout sessions involving a lot of yoga. Blunt manages a strict exercise routine involving pilates and cardio. Her yoga sessions extend to three or four times a week. The actress is also a follower of Bikram yoga introduced into the us by yoga expert Bikram Choudhury from Kolkata. The asanas are usually done under higher temperatures similar to a hot sauna.
37. Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell, the star of Alexander, has had well casted roles in movies like daredevil, SWAT, recruit and minority report. The 37 year old Irish star brought up in Dublin is a fitness freak and never misses a yoga session. In the image he is seen here walking with a fellow yoga enthusiast clutching yoga mats. According to Farrell, he loves the experience f being in a yoga class surrounded by a group. He feels it helps him lighten his head where the asanas are all about a focus on the body. Farrell says he practices yoga everyday and insists that all celebrities do the same.
38. Vanessa Hudgens
There is no denying that Vanessa Hudgens has a shapely well toned and attractive figure. The actress famous and popular for her role as the teen sensation in high school musical is all of 25 and a star. Her singing debut apart from the high school musical songs, also released a debut music album which climbed to the top ten billboards. Hudgens maintains a strict diet. In the picture she can be seen with her usual pink yoga mat. She too like other celebrities is heavily into the hot yoga practice of Bikram Choudhary. According to Vanessa yoga is good for her figure as well as her mind.
39. Robert Downey Jr
Iron man star Robert Downey Jr was at one time in rehab for substance abuse, but ever since then he has got on track with yoga exercises to help him achieve fitness and stability. The 48 year old American actor has starred in several films like Gothika, less than zero and the avengers also won an Oscar nomination for his role as Charles Chaplin in Chaplin .Downey trains under celebrity yoga instructor Vinnie Marino. His workout sessions include bouts of power yoga with difficult postures that require stretches in various ways but Downey is impressive and committed. He also integrates wing chun kung fu exercises within his yoga workouts.
40. Naomi Watts
The lovely and leggy Naomi Watts can be seen here wearing a long sweater and slacks to emphasize her well toned legs. The 23rd September born 45 year old Australian actress has starred in well known films like Flirting, children of the corn IV, Home and Away, the ring and fair game. She keeps herself fit through a well planned workout routine. She is also heavily into yoga and has been seen with fellow actress Reese Witherspoon leaving yoga classes mats in hand. Watts believes that yoga helps her remain centered as well as assist in depression. It can stabilize the body mind and soul.

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