celebrities who swear by yoga

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Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
21. Shenae Grimes
Shenae Grimes body is the stuff every mans dreams are made of. Just look at that shapely butt, those celluliteless thighs and those perfectly toned legs. Add to that washboard abs, a shapely waist, toned arms and glowing skin and what you have is a picture perfect body that Grimes boasts of. Of course, hard work is involved in getting a body as fabulous as that. But it is not that kind of a hard work that you are imagining one that involves staving of food and sweating out in the gym. Grimes secret to her fit physique is good old yoga she is regular at it and results of that regularity is for you to see.
22. Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson is looking very energetic and fit in this picture. With that exercise mat and a bottle of water in her hand, it is clear that she is one her way to maintaining that fit and energetic physique. Not through any grueling exercise regimens of course, but via tranquilizing yoga sessions that leave you feeling fit not only physically but also mentally. With yoga as her weapons, there is no need to survive on meager meals to stay fit for Hudson. Yes, Hudson is one among the several celebrities who all swear by yoga the ancient form of exercise that is a wholesome way to stay in the pink of health physically and mentally.
23. Russell Brand
Maintaining ones physique is no mean task. But this very task becomes an imperative for every celebrity, including Russell Brand. But going by this picture of Brand, there is no doubt that the guy has managed to succeed with flying colors in maintaining his body to the tee. Just look at that huge and broad chest with welltoned and muscular arms. The man looks like a pack of some mean muscles. But all this has come with some hard work, not through keeping away from food and hitting the gym night and day, but through regular yoga sessions. Brand is a big fan of yoga and knows how it is the key to fitness both physical and mental.
24. Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith is one hot woman. Even with that loose hooded sweater on, there is no hiding away the fact that Griffith is owner of an extremely toned body. Her tight blackcolored leggings are ample proof of that. They very nicely showoff her toned legs and celluliteless thighs. Alongside, note that there is no trace of flabs or bulges on her figure. In this picture, Griffith can be seen carrying what looks like an exercise mat and a bottle of water in her hands. If you are smart enough, you would have by now understood what the secret is to Griffiths fitness levels. Yes, it is good old yoga with some great regularity.
25. Heather Graham
Heather Graham looks as fresh as a flower in this picture. And of course, one cannot help but notice her perfectly shaped figure. With those toned legs, celluliteless thighs, washboard abs and toned arms there is no denying the fact that Graham has worked hard to keep herself as fit as a fiddle. But if you are imagining fad diets and crazy exercise routines to be the secret of success, then know that instead of these, it is yoga that has kept Graham healthy not only physically but also mentally. And perhaps, that is Graham is appearing as fresh as a flower.
26. Renee Zellweger
The picture shows a very slim Rene zwellweger sporting a well toned body walking along with a companion. Zwellweger is a die hard fan of yoga practice and completes at least a 20 minute regimen of power yoga. She combines this with jogging or walking in open air. Her yoga exercises helped her lose 13 kgs in two weeks. Swearing by earth power yoga techniques Zwellweger the actress famous for her roles in Bridget Jones diary, Cinderella man, Chicago and miss potter, has beaten the yo yo effect of weight gain with her balanced diet of regular cabbage soup and exercise.
27. Madonna
Material girl Madonna needs no introduction. The singer who shot to fame with her hit single like a virgin and from then on has been going from strength to strength. Her secret of how she manages to look in such great shape reflects her ability to adapt and remain popular as a singer even generations ahead. Madonna swears of course by yoga. Madonna practices Vinyasa yoga derived from AShtanga Yoga which includes dynamic fast motions during changes of postures. Her inspiration was none other than her trainer Carlos Leon. Vinyasa consists of a series of six difficult postures that takes approximately 3 hours.
28. Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven the 48 year old actor well known as a three time Emmy award winner for the TV series entourage. The Manhattan born Piven has also appeared in hit movies like runaway jury, family man and black hawk down and serendipity. .Piven discovered yoga during a shooting stint in India for discovery channel in 2007. Now Piven credits yoga with achieving balance and mental stability in his life. Yoga helps him get a grip on things. It helps him to stay calm and considers it a great exercise for general well being. Jeremy Piven has been seen regularly attending yoga classes in Santa Monica.
29. Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale the 29 year old producer, singer and actress has over 100 commercials to her credit. She has acted on Broadway and also played a major role in the high school musical. Tisdale has experimented with various sounds as well as rhythm n blues and hip hop. She is an active fitness freak and attributes her slim legs to grueling yoga sessions. Apart from yoga she carries out cardio and treadmill exercises as well as weightlifting for strength and toning. Ashley Tisdale does not hesitate to show off her well toned body having been seen in leggings going to regular yoga classes.
30. Jennifer Aniston
Friends Bombshell Jennifer Aniston has always been a role model and iconic celebrity figure for many a fan. At 45, Aniston still retains her drop dead gorgeous looks and all this because of her strict health regimen involving exercise and of course yoga. The star of Marley & me, Bruce Almighty and the break up has three awards to her name and was voted the worlds sexiest woman by health magazine. Annistons secret is the yoga classes taught by professional Mandy Ingber who pursues a holistic approach to her yoga seeking to achieve a balance between core trimming the body and also focusing the mind.

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