celebrities who swear by yoga

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Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
11. Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom might appear in this picture as if he is trying to hide his face from the cameras by wearing a helmet. But that probably is because he is readying himself for his bike ride or he is just camerashy. Otherwise, as far as his fitness is concerned, Bloom has nothing to hide from the media or from any other onlooker for that matter. Bloom is one among those from the Hollywood glam brigade for whom fitness is highly important. But for that, Bloom does not believe in going through crash diets or extremely heavy work out sessions. All that Bloom does to keep himself fit is yoga, and as you can see the results are truly great!
12. Ashley Olsen
Ashley Olsen is appearing very lean, athletic and fit in this picture, despite the pretty loose shirt she is wearing. Her loose pants also cannot hide the fact that her legs are welltoned with no trace of cellulite on her thighs. And her arms are welltoned too. But this excellent fitness has not come for Olsen at the cost of right food or till the point of extreme exhaustion after working out heavily in the gym. Rather, it is good old yoga that has helped Olsen keep herself as fit as this. While, this lose garment of Olsen does not reveal much about her fit physique, it certainly does not hide the fact that her physique is fit indeed because of yoga.
13. Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt in this picture is sure to evoke many wows from onlookers for her fit physique. While the jacket tends to hide her perfectly shaped figure, her tight leggings reveal much more. In fact, they show how shapely her butt is, how celluliteless her thighs are and how welltoned her legs are. On the whole too Hunt is looking extremely energetic and athletic in this picture, despite her heavy work schedule that is sure to leave her tired. The secret to Hunts great physique is not fad diet and excessive exercise. Rather it is simple yoga that helps keep Hunt both physically fit and mentally happy.
14. Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore is looking in the pink of her health in this picture. Her figure is nothing short of an hourglass, her legs are nicely toned, her arms are just as toned too and her thighs are without a trace ugly cellulite. Not to mention the fact that her stomach is absolutely flat and her skin is glowing. And all this because Barrymore regularly does yoga. No fad diets or extreme exercises for Barrymore. It is only yoga that the lady swears by to keep herself fit. In this picture too, Barrymore can be seen carrying a yoga mat and a bottle of water ample proof that for Barrymore yoga is the secret to fitness.
15. Matthew McConaughey
That Matthew McConaughey is a diehard fan of yoga is amply justified by this picture. In this image, the actor can be seen practicing some form of yoga posture sitting in a crosslegged position. And going by the physique on display in the image, there is no doubt that this craze for yoga has helped him tremendously to build fitness levels that people crave for. Just look at those rippling muscles on his arms and his broad and thick chest. These are ample proof that McCaunaughey is a yoga connoisseur and one who does not need fad diets and extreme fitness regimens to keep fit.
16. Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna is yet another celebrity who swears by the yoga sessions. Without these, perhaps the lady would not be as fit as she is today. Indeed, it is the various yoga postures that deserve all the credit for the fab body that Rinna can boast of. In fact, with yoga as the center of her fitness regimen, Rinna need not depend on crazy diets and extreme fitness routines to maintain her beautiful self. All she needs to do is to be regular with her yoga postures, that are all pretty simple to perform, and there is no way that Rinna will put on weight or add unwanted flabs to her shapely body.
17. Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst boasts of a fab body as can be very well seen from this picture. Even with a somewhat loose shirt and pants, it is clear that Dunst has a figure to die for. Plus, she has no flabby tummy, no unwanted bulges to hide and no ugly cellulite on her thighs. Whats more, her skin is glowing in the sun in this image. If you are wondering what the secret is to Dunsts fitness, then know that it is simple yoga. There are no crash diets or crazy exercise schedules involved. Even you can practice yoga like Dunst and flaunt a perfect figure like her.
18. Hilary Duff
Just look at what a bright smile Hilary Duff is flashing in this picture. In fact, her beautiful grin is so infectious it has probably brought a smile on your face too. Also, take note of her fit physique her hourglass figure, her perfectly tone legs and arms and of course, the celluliteless thighs. If you are thinking what favorite foods Duff has to stay away from and what crazy exercise schedules she must follow to boast of such an envious physique, then know that her secret to fitness is anything but these. In fact, it is simple yoga that helps her keep not only physically fit, but also mentally destressed and happy.
19. Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow might be hiding her face from the paparazzi with a hood in this picture or she could have been just caught unawares while talking on the phone, but in either case there is one fact that stands out Paltorws figure is one that every woman on this earth craves for. There is no doubt that Paltrows body is completely devoid of flabs, bulges and cellulites. There are no skin blemishes either. And importantly, Paltrow does not sacrifice anything for such an envious physique. All she does is simple yoga postures on a regular basis. Not a very difficult to follow fitness regimen, isnt it?
20. Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quintos physique can be best described in two simple and small words lean and mean. Do not be fooled by the somewhat loose hooded sweater the man is wearing for underneath that piece of garment are rippling and strong muscles and a totally flat, washboard abs. Importantly, this guy does not sacrifice anything to posses as body like that one that woman will surely drool on. No living on meager meals and lifting one too many a barbell at the gym for him. All he does is to practice different yoga postures on a regular basis and the results of those sessions are for you to see.

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