best pokemon

Best Pokemon

This is the best pokemon ever, why isn't it on the too 10! Hyper beam could take out anyone.
41. Mewtwo
Mewtwo is, without doubt, one of the best Pokemon ever. Mewtwo was indeed the final challenge. Post the Elite Four, all trainers had but one grueling focus to make it to the final confrontation. It is well known that Mewtwo did not have any equal amongst originals. It was mostly tormented as a clone a copy of the original Mew. It was never recognized as an individual being but only as a copy (lonely one) of a greater being. This Pokemon s amazing power can only be surpassed by the wisdom that it has and nothing else. Mewtwo surely belongs here.
42. Volcarona
One of the most intimidating Pokemon ever the Volcarona. Named vaguely synonymous with the volcano, this bug is a sure threat for any team. The earlier it is dealt with the better. Delay can cause havoc. It is also commonly called as the Sun Pokemon. With six huge wings, embers are constantly scattered by this bug as it flies about. The development of this Pokemon is very slow but it is common knowledge that patience results in good things. The fiery dance signature move of this bug is the sign of an impending attack. It s believed to have been worshipped.
43. Snorlax
This Pokemon exuberates a lot of heaviness about itself. Snorlax is quite a popular face to people who are not too familiar with Pokemon. Snorlax is seen as a slow and heavy character that is known to be hard hitting. If you are finding an ideal analogy to real tanks then Snorlax is the best in business. He can take a lot of damage on himself and at the same time offer damage to others as well. The only weakness of this Pokemon is his speed however only a hard playing rookie will be concerned about Snorlax lack of agility.
44. Eevee
Very few Pokemon s can exuberate cuteness like the adorable Eevee. The old adage goes Variety is the Spice of Life. The living proof and the best example of this age old adage is in many aspects Eevee. The charisma of this Pokemon has withstood the test of time with all its seven evolutions. Each of these evolutions are complete with specific uses all of them beneficial. Eeveelution will always fit your game style without regard to your pokepreference or battle style. Many hours of training by serious trainers has gone into raising Eevee as a valuable member of the team.
45. Tyranitar
Tyranitar vaguely resembles the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex a dino that lived terrifying others. The second generation has witnessed quite a few amazing evolutions the Tyranitar is definitely one of these. Streaming sand is of course considerable ability, controlling the weather is another important key to winning. The only thing to take care here is the speed of Tyranitar and some real good damage can be seen. Tyraniters can even destruct mountains in order to keep themeselves secure. They are amazing parents. Tyranitars never give up or back out of fights. Despite their intimidating nature, they shower kindness to the deserving.
46. Zoroark
Resembling an evil fox, the darkish Zoroark is a premium monster that very much belongs to the fifth generation. This illusion fox boasts of a cool design and deserves a lot of respect mainly due to its exceptional battle skills. This is really a Pokemon monster. Zoroark has also a master of disguise a special ability nevertheless. Your opponent can never guess what is lurking in wait the strategy potention of this Pokemon is amazing and can almost guarantee you a victory. Zoroark is also a brilliant master illusionist and can easily conceal its nest to keep it safe always.
47. Metagross
Resembling a vaguely assembled metallic crab the metagross is a fusion. Fuse four Beldum together and you will get the amazing Metagross. This supposed hybrid is in all respects a brawn and brainy combo in fact it is an ultimate combo that you can ever expect of a pokemon. With enough and more intelligence to compete at an equal level with Alakazam, it also possesses amazing power and is capable of devastating anything and everything that comes in its path. It is also powerful in using its psychic powers for floating around. It can crush its prey to consume them.
48. Kanto Starters
Dinos can also be cute, tiny and adorable. Vaguely resembling tiny dinos, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle was a very important decision made in the history of Pokemon. These can never be forgotten as they paved way for a whole new world of starters. Most of these original starters are famous to this day. No wonder they are featured quite high on the list of the best. Pioneer trainers of the world had a right to decide who can embark with them on this journey. Deciding the most worthy to win the third spot the decision is best left to you.
49. Garchomp
The second place is bagged by the Pokemon dragon Garchomp. The power of this Pokemon is the best in fact the topmost cream of the entire crop. Versatile with awesome looks the stats of Garchomp are equally marvelous. Resembling a large land based shark and flying bat hybrid this Pokemon can fly at high speeds humbling even the jet plane. The wings of this dragon pokemon are sharp like blades and can easily cut through stuff. This is something that you can always await every team member of yours should know this to be a classy Ice type move.
50. Mew
The ancestor Pokemon Mew rightfully bags the top spot. Forget Pokemon that can destroy mountains, control time, use illusion, have psychic abilities, form the whole universe and so on none of them can be as great as the Mew. There is no soul in this world who can predict how Mew came into being. It contains the DNA of all living things present on the entire planet this itself is amazing. The mystical Mew, playful and childlike, can easily learn any TM in the game and the outstanding ability to transform itself into all types of Pokemon at any time.

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