best pokemon

Best Pokemon

This is the best pokemon ever, why isn't it on the too 10! Hyper beam could take out anyone.
11. Gardevoir
The Gardevoir Pokemon is quite sophisticated in appearance. This Pokemon s face is partly covered by her flowing hair and it wears a flowing robe that together lends to it a feel of being something like a scheming witch. However witch-like this Pokemon may appear, it has to be said that a more elegant and noble Pokemon you may not find at all. The Gardevoir, an embrace Pokemon, in fact, is so noble and elegant that it will be ever ready to give up its life for the sake of its trainer. For the Gardevoir, nothing is more important than protecting its trainers, which it will do at the cost of its own life.
12. Empoleon
When you are playing the Pokemon game and are looking for a water starter to beat and thrash all your opponents, then you must look no further than the Empoleon. As far as the Pokemon game is concerned, nothing could be better than having the Empoleon as your water starter. Two strong points of this Pokemon are that it has an excellent typing ability and a diverse move pool. This means that as a water starter, the Pokemon can very easily hold on its own, which will help you gain a head start in the game right in the very beginning itself.
13. Spiritomb
The Spiritomb is a Pokemon that came into existence when as many as 108 extremely evil spirits were held bound to an old keystone. If that many evil-minded spirits were to come together, then you can imagine how evil the Spiritomb can be. In fact, this Pokemon is all evil and no good at all. Indeed, as many as 500 long years of evil are filled in the Spiritomb. In addition, it has no weakness to speak of. With a design that you can hardly call a proper face, after all, it is a blend of many formless spirits the Spiritomb is certainly a dangerous creature.
14. Slaking
Slaking is a Pokemon that looks like a lazy gorilla. In fact, this is one of the laziest Pokemon around. That said, it must be remembered that Slaking boasts of a tremendous statistic. In addition, it has power that few other Pokemon s have. However, where Slaking takes a beating is in its lazy nature. Because the Slaking is a laidback creature, it attacks only at every other turn. So if you are depending on Slaking to carry out attacks for you, do not forget that it will help you out only at alternate turns. For every other attack, you will have to rely on some other Pokemon.
15. Blaziken
The Blaziken has been designed to resemble a red rooster. But this no ordinary fowl. This Pokemon is a fighting fire rooster indeed it was the first Pokemon to be created in the series of Fire/Fighting starters. In addition, the Blaziken can easily leap over tall buildings- just look at its long legs in the picture and you will understand why and how. This is not where Blaziken s capacities end. In fact, this Pokemon boasts of another hidden ability and it is this that makes it a sweeper to watch out for. In other words, having a Blaziken on your team might not be a bad idea at all.
16. Rayquaza
The Rayquaza is a special Pokemon because for one thing it is the first legendary Pokemon on the list. This creature is essentially a dragon. However, it lives not on solid earth, but in the ozone layer and this is a good thing too, for from up there it is very useful as a fighter of foreign threats. Because of its extra-terrestrial abilities, you must depend on Rayquaza to protect the planet. Rayquaza is also useful because it can keep two deadly enemies in check, namely Kyogre and Groundon. Given this feature of Rayquaza, no one deny the fact that this Pokemon is a must-have on playing teams.
17. Hydreigon
The Hydreigon might be based off the Hydra, but in its appearance it resembles a flying dragon and hence it bears the name Hydreigon- a combination of Hydra and Dragon. Looking at this picture of the Pokemon anyone would say that it is brutal, which it most certainly is. In addition, this one s a tough battler too. This means that it can fight out most of your opponents. Of course, the Hydreigon is not capable enough to make a clean sweep, but it is fierce and aggressive enough to leave any team hurting badly before the creature itself is taken out of the game.
18. Sceptile
The Sceptile, as its name suggests, is a reptile. In fact, it is a tree gecko that is pretty huge in size. But do not be belied by the creature s hugeness. For despite its large body, it can be quite fast during a play. Indeed, the Secptile is not only a very fast Pokemon, but it can also take on many different roles owing to its characteristic of being a grass Pokemon. This means that the Sceptile can act as a sub-seeder and/or a special sweeper as the need of the hour may of be. A pretty useful Pokemon to have if you want to wipe out your opponent.
19. Gengar
If rumors are to be believed, then it can be said that the Gengar was born from the shadow of Clefable. This spherical, purple-colored Pokemon is supposed to have come to life with the sole purpose of causing mischief. And if you look at the picture of Gengar here, you can easily realize how mischievous this Pokemon can be indeed mischief of the troublesome kind is dancing in his eyes and on his naughty smile. However, remember that all this is just a rumor. Regardless of that, note than Gengar is a strong fighter and boasts of having a huge move pool.
20. Ninetales
If you want the best fire Pokemon in the game, then you need not look beyond the Ninetales. The creature the Ninetales is based on is a wily wolf. The only difference is that this Pokemon wolf has not one, but as its name suggests as many as nine tails. If you touch one among those nine tails of the Pokemon, you will be cursed. So beware while playing. Also, this Pokemon has two special abilities, that of flash fire and drought. It is these abilities that are the USP of Ninetales and make it one of the best fire Pokemon in the entire game.

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