best pokemon

Best Pokemon

This is the best pokemon ever, why isn't it on the too 10! Hyper beam could take out anyone.
31. Ho Oh
Ho-Oh is a fire flying dual type Legendary Pokemon and is not known to evolve into any form. In fact it does not evolve from any other Pokemon either. It is considered related to Lugia and considered to be its polar opposite. Silver is said to represent Lugia as the
32. Kingdra
Kingdra evolves from Seadra when holding a Dragon Scale. It is a water dragon Pokemon and is a dual type creature. It is in fact the final form of Horsea. This is a seahorse like large Pokemon, with a curled tail. This sea horse is no easy target. True to being like a dragon, Kingdra is one fierce fighter. It is typed in such a way that it has hardly any major weaknesses. Kingdra has blue scales and has yellow belly scales which are compact. Its snout is thin but very powerful. The snout allows squirts of water to be fired with devastating and overwhelming power. There are also thin spines all over, with a single spine on its head and also white fins under its cheeks.
33. Golurk
Golurk is a ghost/ground Pokemon and is of a dual type. Golurk is the world s first man made automation Pokemon. It is a bipedal Pokemon and looks like a suit of armor. It evolves from Golett beginning at level 43. Golurk was constructed from clay by a very old civilization and instilled with a mysterious power and energy that basically gives it life. This is a gentle giant with a capability to fly like a rocket. It is teal in color with yellow swirls on its hands and shoulders. The head is very small as compared to its body and it has yellow eyes that are very pale. If the seal on its body is removed then its energy can run wild.
34. Espeon
Espeon is a Pokemon which is of the psychic type. It evolves from Eevee during the day when there is high friendship. Besides being a good psychic, Espeon has magic too which makes it a great psychic. With baton pass tactics and calm mind, this otherwise peaceful Pokemon, can turn very fierce if need be. It is a quadruped and mammalian, with dainty paws and slender legs. It is in fact completely covered with lilac fur which is fine and velvety. Due to this Espeon is sensitive to small shifts in the air. However this property helps it to predict the weather. Espeon has purple eyes and very large ears. It is rare in the wild and is more often found in urban areas only.
35. Mienshao
Mienshao is a Pokemon belonging to the fighting type. It evolves from Mienfoo beginning at level 50. Mienshao s game is to play hard and fast. It is one of the original Pokemon in the fifth generation. There are very few monsters that can really withstand a high kick from Mienshao, who is a martial arts expert and master. Mienshao is a long bodied white Pokemon which has a tiny head and small ears in the shape of triangles. It has a yellow spot on its snout and a purple one on its forehead. It has long whiskers with split ends and yellow tips. Fur covers its arms almost completely. This arm fur acts like a battle whip in battle and is almost like a weapon.
36. Arceus
Arceus is legendary Pokemon belonging to the normal type. It is not known to have evolved from any other Pokemon nor does it evolve into any other Pokemon, but it can change its type while holding a plate. It is basically God s Pokemon or God in the universe of Pokemon. Statistic wise it is the most powerful Pokemon ever created. Since it can change into any type it is believed to have been born before creation. It was not officially recognized by Nintendo, till 2009, the year of its debut movie. Arceus is also called the
37. Haxorus
A dragon type Pokemon, Haxorus is said to have evolved from Fraxure beginning at level 48. Its final form is said to be Axew. This Pokemon only looks fierce and it really loves dancing. But it has raw power and nothing much can stand in its way. Either you get destroyed by it or you finish it off in the beginning itself. It is a bipedal Pokemon, with yellow green color on its back and black skin on its tail tip, torso and thighs. It has red claws and talons. It has large tusks that look like scythes that are black in color with red tips. Its eyes are red with jet black pupils. It is generally very territorial but friendly.
38. Kyurem
A dual type Ice/Dragon Legendary Pokemon, Kyurem is considered a bad omen. It is not believed to evolve into any other Pokemon nor does it evolved from any Pokemon, but it has two other forms. These two alternate forms, White and Black Kyurem, are formed by using DNA splicers or by combining with Zekrom and Reshiram. They share many features of their designs and patterns with them. Kyurem is a blue and gray Pokemon and is bepedal. It has a blue head, snout and yellow eyes with no pupil. It said to eat people and Pokemon. It first freezes them to death. An entire town had built a fortress around it to protect themselves from Kyurem. People do not leave their homes after nightfall.
39. Milotic
Milotic is an aquatic Pokemon and is evolved from Feebas when leveled with its Beauty or when traded holding a Prism scale. It is a serpentine Pokemon with a cream colored torso. It has red eyes with pinkish long antennae just above the eyes. It also has hair like long fins above its eyes which are thin at the beginning but thicken near the tips. It is considered to be one of the world s most beautiful Pokemon. It has also been depicted in many works of art. Since it evolves from the most difficult Pokemon to find, it is considered a jewel for its battle abilities, beauty and rarity. During a fight it has the power to calm annoyed feelings and end quarrels by releasing energy. It can float in the air but lives in the large lakes.
40. Charizard
Charizard is a fire flying Pokemon of the dual type. It evolves from Charmeleon beginning at level 36. It is considered to be final form of Charmander. It can also mega evolve into two more forms. Charizard is the version mascot of Pokemon red and Fire red versions. It is bipedal and draconic. It is orange in color with a cream color from the chest to the tail. It has a long neck and snout, blue eyes and horns, two in number from the back of its head. Its arms are skinny and short. There are huge wings sprouting from its back with teal undersides. For the cards, game series and amine, Charizard s fame is like a triple threat. In spite of some weaknesses it can hold its own in battle.

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