best natural beauty tips

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Aloe Vera Juice For Sun Tan

Best Natural Beauty Tips

the best all natural beauty tips and secrets are not quick fixes. They require good sleep.
Aloe Vera Juice For Sun Tan

Strawberries contain salicylic acid and thats what makes them great for your skin, especially if you have any acne problems and scars. Get 1/4th cup of freshly mashed strawberries and mix in the juice of 1 small lemon (lemons are great to provide exfoliation and lighten up the skin). To this, pour 2 tbsp honey (which is a great moisturiser) and add 1/4th cup of yoghurt. Stir well to make a smooth paste. Apply this over your face and wait till dry, then wash off with water. Take some fresh aloe vera juice and store it in your freezer to form aloe vera cubes. Each time you come back home, take out a cube and rub it across your face to remove all signs of tan.

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Aloe Vera Juice For Sun Tan
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