benefits of papayas

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Safety profile

Benefits of Papayas

Safety profile

Papayas contain white milk like latex substance, which can cause irritation to skin and provoke allergic reaction in some sensitized persons.Ripe papaya fruit can be safely used by pregnantwomen. Unripe, green papaya should be avoided in them since it contains a lot ofpapain, a proteolytic enzyme that used commercially to tenderize meat. In addition to unripepapaya; its seeds, latex, and leaves also containcarpaine, an alkaloid which could be dangerous when eaten in high doses. Unripe papaya, however, can be eaten safely as a cooked vegetable.

It controls bowel movements
Helps reduce stress
What is Papaya
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Cardiovascular Health
Heart disease
Intestinal Worms and Papaya
Possible health benefits of consuming papaya
Boosting the immunity system
Papaya Juice for Better Skin
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