benefits of mustard seeds

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Benefits of Mustard Seeds

11. Cancer treatment
The presence of compounds like glucosinolates and mirosinase in mustard seeds are known to use phytochemicals to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This is definitely a major mustard seeds health benefit.
12. Rheumatic arthritis
Mustard seeds are a source of relief for people having rheumatic arthritis. The selenium and magnesium content in it helps in providing relief from this problem.
13. Migraine
Migraine occurrence also reduces owing to the magnesium content present in the mustard seed. A little touch of mustard to your fish can boost the constituting omega-3 content.
14. Respiration congestion and Nightshades
Mustard seeds or mustard in general is known to relieve any congestion problems in respiration.Mustard seeds should find an inclusion in your list of daily spices if you want to avoid nightshades.
15. Dietary fibre
Mustard seeds are a good source of dietary fibres that improve digestion in the body. They make the bowel movements better, thus improving the overall metabolism of the body. The fibre content here is mostly very readily soluble making it effective for use.
16. Cancer risk prevention
Selenium content in mustard seeds provides good resistance to the body against cancer cell formation. It is known to slow down the rate of development of cancer cells and also acts as an anti-oxidant.
17. Blood pressure and Menopausal relief
A number of nutrients present in mustard seeds like copper, iron, magnesium and selenium also assist in the treatment of blood pressure and menopause relief.
18. Asthma
Mustard seeds are also known to be beneficial for Asthma patients. The presence of minerals like copper, magnesium, iron and selenium in it are responsible for the prevention of Asthma Attacks.
19. Natural scrub
Mustard seeds are a natural scrub. You can add it to either lavender or rose essential oil. Use this mix to scrub your face and exfoliate dead skin.
20. Hydrates skin
Mustard seeds, used with aloe vera gel, can act as a great combination to hydrate your skin. It removes all impurities from your face and nourishes it from within.This beneficial oil has got high levels of Vitamin E, which helps the skin from ageing and against wrinkles.

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