benefits of mustard seeds

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Benefits of Mustard Seeds

31. Uses
Mustard seeds are largely used for tempering dishes.It is also used in non-vegetarian dishes to enhance the taste of meats and fishes.It can also be used for pickling and in chutneys.Another great way of putting mustard seeds to use is in salad dressings & Brown mustard seeds are used for garnishing, once sauteed in oil a little.
32. Interesting facts about mustard seeds
Mustard seeds belong to the mustard plant. Mustard plant is a part of cruciferous plant family. This same family of plant includes cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and even cauliflower.Mustard seed is the second most popular spice that is traded around the world.Mustard has been mentioned around 5 times in the Bible. It has once been mentioned as the greatest herb ever.
33. Warming and stimulating
Mustard is warming and stimulating to the digestive system. It makes food taste better, and helps you to digest your food as well. The pungent taste and aroma of mustard might be best known here in North America for its iconic pairing with hot dogs and summer barbecues, however, the ancient Greeks had a better understanding its true medicinal value and attributed its discovery to Asclepius, demigod of medicine and healing.
34. Preparation Methods and Dosage
Mustard can be applied in external plasters and poultices to clear chest congestion and ease achy joints. Mustard seed foot baths are a wonderful way to treat stubborn colds, sudden chills, and poor circulation. And of course, mustard seed can be made into mustard, the condiment we are so familiar with.
35. Effects on health
Health effects of mustard oil have been conducted in India, which had conflicting results. One found that mustard oil had no protective effect on the heart, and the authors reckoned that the benefits of alpha-linolenic acid were outweighed by the harm of erucic acid,[9] while another study found that mustard oil had a protective effect, and the authors reckoned that the benefits of alpha-linolenic acid outweighed the harm of erucic acid.The use of mustard oils in traditional societies for infant massage has been identified by one study as risking damaging skin integrity and permeability.[11] Other studies over larger samples have shown that massaging with mustard oil improved the weight, length, and midarm and midleg circumferences as compared to infants without massage, although sesame oil is a better candidate for this than mustard oil.
36. Can help you lose weight
The wonder seeds are packed with B-complex vitamins like folates, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin etc. Apart from all the individual merits of these components, they are great in speeding up one s metabolism leading to weight loss.
37. Can slow ageing
Mustard is a great source of carotenes, zeaxanthins and lutein (also called flavonoid and caretonoid antioxidants) vitamin A,C and K. All these components put together make it rich in antioxidants which in turn slows the ageing process
38. Relieves rheumatoid arthritic and muscle pain
The selenium and magnesium content of mustard lend it anti inflammatory and heat producing properties. When applied to the body, the paste heats up the area and helps loosen muscles, leading to relief from pain.
39. Health india tip
To ease pain make a small bundle of the seeds in a muslin cloth, and add it to warm bath water. Either have a long relaxing bath, or soak your tired and aching feet for instant relief. Another great way is to apply the paste of the seed on the area for a few minutes.
40. Lowers cholesterol
Mustard contains high levels of niacin or vitamin B3. Niacin has properties that help lower one s cholesterol levels and protects the arteries from atherosclerosis (plaque build-up). It also helps to regulate blood flow and protects the body from hypertension.

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