benefits of cassava

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High amounts of dietary fiber

Benefits of Cassava

High amounts of dietary fiber

Cassava contains high amounts of dietary fiber, (namely insoluble fiber) which can help prevent and or alleviate constipation. Fiber at a glance, helps you lose weight as it promotes long lasting satiety. It has the potential to also help reduce your unhealthy cholesterol levels (if you have unhealthy cholesterol), which lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If you are suffering from diabetes, eating fiber rich cassava may help lower your blood sugar levels.

Is Cassava Safe to Eat
Nutritional profile
Climate and origin
What is the history behind it
High in carbohydrates is an excellent food
Cassava is classified as sweet or bitter
Cassava root
Utilization of Cassava Leaves
What Are Health Benefits of Cassava
Low in Calories
Rich in Saponins
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