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Ayurvedic Medicine


Safflower (E):

These beautiful red flowers have a direct affinity for the blood. Use it when there are signs of stagnant blood in the heart, uterus or externally on bruised skin.

Gynaecology It has a tropism for artava dhatu and the uterus that rectifies menstrual pain that is fixed in one place with clots, amenorrhoea or endometriosis. It treats delayed or lack of menses caused by obstructions in the pelvic cavity due to high kapha and pitta. Trauma For bruises, strains and stiff ligaments use a tincture internally and externally. Heart Its affinity for rakta dhatu benefits the heart and chest pain, ischaemic heart disease and angina. It has been used to help normalise cholesterol levels Skin Its positive effect on stagnant blood normalises bhrajaka pitta and treats supperative rashes and measles. Very useful for spider naevi spreading over the skin; use internally and as an external tincture application. It is also considered to be antifungal as a wash. Tumours It is used to remove static, palpable and unpalpable masses from the body. Bleeding In bleeding conditions caused by high pitta ; it should only be used at a low dose for this and when bleeding is caused by overflowing out of the channels due to a blockage. At a high dose outside the recommended

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