Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries.
1. Just Engaged
Do not make any big decisions just yet. Not even your venue or bridesmaids. Just take a few weeks to let this amazing new phase of your life settle in. Its a huge change for both of you and a moment that slips by all too quickly it took me too almost two years to even pick a date Alice du Parcq, Brides Beauty Editor
2. Back to Basics
When youre ready, think of the most basic thing first what kind of wedding do you want? You do not have to make specific choices, just aim for a general mood, for instance boho vintage, traditional, quirky, city glam or even just simple countryside it will help you in the long run.
3. Pick a location
Work from the outside in: think about the ideal location for your family and friends, whether its a big hotel that everyone can stay in, a marquee in your mum and dads garden with plenty of B&Bs nearby, somewhere abroad with lots of easy accommodation and so on. Once you've chosen the right fit, finding the venue will be so much easier
4. Prepare
Looking after yourself is essential to relaxed planning. Mark in your diary regular evenings dedicated to you, where you take a long shower, exfoliate top-to-toe, do a face mask, moisturise with your best body cream, curl up in front of something silly on TV, have a glass of wine and give yourself a manicure. Its good for the soul, for the mind, for your skin and for your relationship with your fianc
5. What s important to you
Think about the best weddings and parties you've been to and why they worked so well. This will help you prioritise whats important to you, whether it is loads of dancing time and great food like me, a romantic church ceremony like Brides' Astrid or guaranteed sunshine like my friend whos getting married in Greece. Suddenly, everything will have more direction. Alice Du Parcq, Brides Beauty Editor
6. Opinions
Be prepared: everyone will have an opinion and a suggestion about what you should do and when grit your teeth and be as gracious as possible, thanking them for their ideas and for being so exciting about your wedding. Then lock the door and turn on that shower!
7. Start a scrapbook
Yes it sounds a bit school , but its a great way to create a visual idea of your wedding. Do not worry if nothing matches to begin with. Eventually a pattern will emerge and you will gravitate towards a recurring style.
8. Home Inspiration
Look around your own home inspiration mementoes of your relationship will create a fun, relaxed atmosphere at your reception.
9. Budget It
Prior to making any decisions about anything wedding-related, figure out what budget you are working with it will guide the rest of your decisions.
10. Hen Party
Avoid succumbing to a tacky night out for your hen-do and opt for a stylish alternative instead. Isnt a night of wine, cheese and chocolate with your hens what you really want?

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