top cancer myths debunked

Top Cancer Myths Debunked

1. Is there a secret to beating cancer
Lately it seems that every thing we do or eatcauses cancer or cures it. Everyone in the cancer community has an opinion, and it can be difficult to sift the fact from the fiction. Click through here to see our top 15 cancer myths debunked.
2. Stop using deodorant
One of the more prevalent claims is that deodorants, antipersperants cause cancer. A 2002 study by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattlefound there to be no link between the use of these products and cancer.
3. No more BBQ
Willing to cut out BBQ forever for fear of developing cancer? Dont give away your grill just yet. While charred meatcontains substances found to cause mutationin rodents, the levels necessary to cause cancer in humans would require outrageously high amount of bbq that no one would normally eat. To cut down your risk the National Cancer Institute advises you dont char your food, or if you do, cut those bits off.
4. Get off oral contraceptives
Birth control pills reduce risk of cancers of the uterus and ovariesbutslightly increase the risk ofbreast cancer. After ten years of stopping the medication, however, the risk for cancer returned to the same level as if they had never used the birth control pills, according to the National Cancer Institute. No need to go off the Pill just yet.
5. Dont dye your hair
Dyeing your hair causes cancer? According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on May 25, 2014 this is untrue.
6. Drink loads of red wine
Think barrels of red wine will ward off cancer? Think again. Alcohol consistently comes up as apossible cause of cancerand it is best to enjoy moderately if at all according to several studies including Cancer Research UK, the American Cancer Society andJournal of the American Medical Association.
7. hrow away your bra
Have you heardthat wearing a bra could increase your risk of cancer? No need to worry, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Institutehave categorically refuted this outrageous claim.
8. Cut out acidic foods
The logic behind this popular myth is that cancer cells exist in an acidic environment, so by starving the cancer cells of acidity they will not be able to grow. Unfortunatly there is no evidence that restricting what you eat can change the pH balance of the entire body and even if it did, that it would have such an effect on cancer, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.
9. Take one aspirin a day for five years
An interesting study conducted by the University of Oxford in 2012 found that people who took an aspirin a day for five years were found to have a 37% reduced risk of cancer compared to people who did not take aspirin.Other studies have shown similar, if less dramatic results
10. Get rid of your mobile phone
Rest assured, your mobile phone is not giving you brain cancer. Doctors at the Danish Cancer Society monitored 420,000 mobile phone users in Denmark from 1982 to 1995and found no cancer link.There have been several followup studies since then, and none have found any evidence of a connection between mobile phone use and cancer.