rules to play shot put

Rules to play Shot Put

1. Start with a lightweight shot
The word shot refers to a heavy ball, which contestants try to hurl as far as they can. Beginners should start with a light shot, between 4 and 8 pounds (1.8 3.6 kilograms), since this lowers the risk of injury if the wrong throwing form is used.
Once you have the basic throwing technique down, and some practice under your belt, you can move on to heavier shot puts. Standard weights for competition vary depending on the age and sex of the competitors, and the nation hosting the competition.
2. Stand inside the circle
When shot putting, you must stay within the circle during the entire throw. The circle is usually painted on a slab of concrete, and is 7 feet (2.13 meters) wide for official competitions. If you step outside the circle during the throw, it is a foul and is not counted in the competition.After throwing, the athlete must exit the circle through the back half of the ring, not the front, or the throw becomes a foul. (This avoids arguments over whether an athlete stepped over the line during the throw or afterward.)The circle usually has a toe board in front that will block the athletes foot from going too far forward. You are not allowed to step on top of the toe board.
3. Determine the winner
After the shot lands, the distance from the front of the circle and the location of the landing is measured. However, the shot must land within the cone-shaped throwing field, or else it is a foul. The athlete whose shot lands farthest from the circle, without committing a foul, wins the round.
If you need to make your own cone-shaped throwing field, set it up using two equal lengths of string at least 50 feet long each (the sides of the cone), then a third length (the end of the cone) exactly 60% as long. Measure the long sides from the center of the circle.
4. Push dont toss
Because the shot is so much heavier than balls in other sports, it cannot be tossed overhand or underhand without high risk of causing a pulled muscle or other injury. Always push the shot put out by extending your arm in one direction, without swinging it. Read the instructions below for more information about standard throwing techniques.
5. Grip the shot with your fingers
Cup the shot, or heavy ball, with your fingers and thumb along the back side of the ball. Dont touch the shot with your palm, and dont spread out your fingers around the ball. Use your dominant hand.
6. Stand sideways at the back of the circle
Place your right foot on the back of the circle, and face the right side of the circle. Stand with your feet a little more than shoulders width apart. While youll move on to a more powerful throwing position later, this is a good stance to get your started while you concentrate on the arm and leg motions involved.This guide is written for right-handed shot putters. Switch right and left if you are left-handed.
7. Place the shot under your jawbone
Stick the shot underneath your jawbone next to your neck. Keep your right elbow raised so the arm can push directly into your neck.
8. Extend your left arm upward
Point your left arm upward in the direction youll be throwing. During the rotation leading up to the throw, pull this arm inward so your hand is against the center of your chest.
9. Put your weight on your back leg
Surprisingly, most of the strength in shot putting comes from the legs, not the arms. Put almost all of your weight on your right leg, at the back of the circle, bending your knee as much as you find comfortable while keeping your balance.
10. Turn your hips and push forward
Push forward as hard as you can with your back leg, turning your hips so you face forward as you do so. Step or jump forward as you do this, sticking your front (left) foot as close to the front of the circle as you can.If you are having trouble keeping your balance and aim while you do this, start out in the center of the circle instead and take shorter steps while you practice.

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