rules to play 15 ball pool

Rules to play 15 Ball Pool

1. The rack
All 15 object balls (the numbered balls) are racked together, with the 15 ball at the front point of the triangle. Unlike in 8 ball, it doesnt matter how the numbers or solids and stripes are configured in the triangle.
2. Shooting
Fifteen ball is played one on one, trading turns after each shot. The shooter must pocket a ball on every shot. Whether you make it or not, turns change after one attempt.
3. Fouls
If the cue ball goes in a pocket at any time, its called a foul or scratch. When this happens, any balls that were pocketed during the scratch are removed and placed back on the table. In pool, this is called being spotted. Spotted balls are returned to the table on the long side as close to the foot spot they can be without disturbing any other balls.
4. Points
Each ball is worth its number in points. The shooter collects the points for each ball he pockets, and the first player to reach 61 points is the winner.
5. Find an open table
If there is an open table, snag it by placing your quarters into the slot and dispensing the balls.
6. Decide on rules
Decide on teams and house rules, like if a shot has to be called for it to count.
7. Rack balls
Rack the balls by arranging them in an alternating pattern, or stripes and solids, with the 15 ball in the middle.
8. Tighten rack
Tighten the rack by rolling it back and forth a few times, then move the front tip to the black rack mark on the table and remove the frame.
9. Break the rack
The first player or team breaks the rack by hitting the white cue ball from the opposite rack mark at the balls.
10. Shoot again
If a ball goes in on the break, the player takes another shot, now aiming for whichever type stripe or solid he got in.

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