precautions while using mobile phones

Precautions while using Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls.
1. Cell Phones
The more valuable and functional cell phones and smartphones become, the more they are used
2. Cell Phones Lower Sperm Count
Men who use cell phones 2 to 4 hours per day have 30% lower sperm count than nonusers; daily use over 4 hours results in 40% lower sperm count. Studies have shown that microwave radiation can damage sperm. The World Health Organization has announced on May 31, 2011 that cell phones can possibly cause cancer and as a result, have listed cell phones as a carcinogenic hazard, in the same category with lead and engine exhaust.
3. Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer and Disease
A number of welldesigned studies indicate that cell phone use increases cancer risk. Cell phones change the brain. After 50 minutes of holding a cell phone on or next to the ear, the brain of a healthy adult shows significant changes in glucose metabolism
4. Limit the length of your calls on your cell phone
Prolonged extended use ofcell phonesincreases your exposure to the radiated signals from your device; even a two minute call has been shown to alter your brains natural electrical activity for up to an hour afterward.[8]By reducing the amount of time spent of the cell phone and by relegating it to emergency use, you can reduce your exposure to it. Turn it off and keep it in a carrying bag, away from your body but handy should you need to use it.
5. Balance the safety and convenience
While there have been ample studies showing that there may be side effects to cell phone usage, there have been many studies refuting the health impacts, causing a large level ofuncertaintyand misunderstanding. Its human nature to keep using something that works for us unless proven hazardous, so this uncertainty has worked in favor of continued, increased use of cell phones. Understandably so too
6. Do not allow children to use a cell phone
Do not allow children to use a cell phone except for emergencies. The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. The new report, prepared by a panel of 31 scientists from 14 countries, added cell phone use to a list of 240 substances and a few occupations that are possibly related to cancer. The 2B classification includes a lot of chemicals that one might expect to be dangerous, but it also lists coffee and pickled vegetables, a fact that the CTIA, which represents the wireless industry, quickly seized upon.
7. Try to keep the cell phone away from the body
While communicating using your cell phone, try to keep the cell phone away from the body as much as possible. The amplitude of the electromagnetic field is one fourth the strength at a distance of two inches and fifty times lower at three feet. Whenever possible, use the speakerphone mode or a wireless Bluetooth headset, which has less than 1/100th of the electromagnetic emission of a normal cell phone. Use of a headset attachment may also reduce exposure.
8. Avoid using your cell phone in places
Avoid using your cell phone in places, like a bus, where you can passively expose others to your phones electromagnetic fields. Cell phones communicate using signals in the microwave spectrum. The invisible stream of RF (radio frequency) signals penetrate our bodies when the device is held close, and as well as the longterm potential for cancer, there is also the potential to impact cognitive memory functions and to cause disorientation and dizziness. This article explains how to take precautions when using your cell phone.
9. Do not keep under the pillow
Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Do not keep it near your body at night such as under the pillow or on a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on flight
10. Minimal reduction of exposure
If you must carry your cell phone on you, it is preferable that the keypad is positioned toward your body and the back is positioned toward the outside of your body. Depending on the thickness of the phone this may provide a minimal reduction of exposure.

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