precautions while using kitchen equipments

Precautions while using Kitchen Equipments

A part of good kitchen organization is planning and preparing for kitchen safety.
11. Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen
This device may not do much for your cherries jubilee, but it can avert a disaster. Make sure you know how to use it before a fire breaks out. You cant waste any time reading the directions amidst the flames.
12. Dont use extension cords
You can obtain a junction box that has built in GFI ground fault interrupters . This will allow you extra plug in space and the GFI will kick in if there is a power shortage. Helps avoid water electrical shock accidents.
13. Steel rod
It should be well groomed. Hold the steel in the left hand and the knife in the right, draw the blade away from you at an angle of 45 Degrees. Six or seven times on each side of the steel exerting slight pressure.
14. Carborundum stone
The stone should not be too coarse as a saw edge may result. Angle the blade of the knife to 45 Degrees and sharpen alternate sides of the knife using considerable pressure & drawing almost the whole length of the blade edge. Always wipe the knife on a cloth before use as small particles of the stone stick to the blade.
15. Electrical equipments
1.lead to a short circuit. To clean switch off electric supply. Do not use more water than necessary. Dry thoroughly when clean. For gas equipment, turn off gas supply to appliances. Clean thoroughly and remove parts that can be cleaned separately & fit them correctly. Check if pilot light is functioning.
2. GRILLS SALAMANDERS Ensure the tray beneath the bars is always clean. Switch off electrical supply and clean the bars thoroughly, as well as the top. Do not clean when hot.
3. FRYERS ? Check the level of oil is above the heater coils. Avoid spilling any water in the oil. Do not overheat the oil. To clean, ensure fuel supply is off. When cool, drain off the oil into a container & close tap. Lift up coils and take out containers & wash thoroughly. Rinse & dry well. Ensure drain tap is closed & add clean oil.
4. BAIN MARINE ? Ensure there is water at all times when the Bain Marie is on. Do not let the water boil vigorously. To clean drain off the water, clean thoroughly with hot water & detergent rinse & dry. Close the drain tap. Refill with clean water.
5. HOT PLATES Avoid spilling water on helpless switch off parts, which are not being used. Cool hot plates before cleaning the sides with a wet cloth and detergent.
16. At all times
  • Make sure that the mixer is level and attached to a steady surface
  • 17. While you are working
  • Turn the machine off to load ingredients or to adjust food.
  • 18. You Are Cleaning the Mixer or Accessories
    Unplug the machine ? if you cannot control the plug while you are cleaning the mixer or if the machine is wired into the wall;? Lockout the control switches ? After completing lockout, check that no one can move any part or start the machine and that no parts can move on their own.
    19. Small appliances
    Small appliances such as microwaves, food processors, blenders, toasters, toaster ovens and coffee pots should have short cords. Always plug these appliances in near an outlet rather than connecting them to an extension cord. Observe all manufacturer warnings.
    20. Stoves
    Vent smoke and cooking steam through the range hood, and be sure to remove its filter and wash it regularly to reduce grease build up, which can catch fire. Stoves : Do not use a wet pot holder or dish cloth to remove items from the oven these conduct heat instantaneously and can cause severe steam burns. Watch broiling foods carefully to ensure they do not burn or burst into flame from their proximity to the intense heat source. Clean up spills in the oven as soon as it is cool. Remove foods from the oven carefully to avoid spilling hot food.

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