precautions while using earphones

Precautions while using Earphones

Using earphones is a fantastic way to get a much better experience when you're enjoying music.
1. What are earphones
Earphone is the general name for transducers that make sounds either close to the ear or actually in the ear canal. So on this web site, earphones can refer to headphones, headsets, or in ear devices such as hearing aids.
2. Safety precautions
Be careful when turning up the headphone volume control. Before placing the headphones over your ears, set the volume control to minimum, and then slowly increase until you reach a comfortable level.
Do not overdrive the headphones. Like any speakers, playing the sound too loudly on the headphones can cause damage to both the headphones and your ears. Please account for the fact that in gaming, sudden loud explosions may happen unexpectedly, so take care to listen at moderate levels.
Friendly Warning Long term exposure to loud music or other sounds in headphones may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Avoid extreme volume levels when using headphones, especially for extended periods. Over time, your ears adapt to the volume level, so a level that may not cause initial discomfort might still damage your hearing.
3. Use earplugs
The louder the noise and the longer youre exposed to it, the greater the chance of damaging your hearing. Protect your ears with ear protectors earplugs or earmuffs and get away from the noise as quickly or as often as you can. If you cant leave the venue, take regular breaks. A 10 minute rest break will give your ears some time to recover.
4. Turn down the music
Dont listen to your personal music player at very high volumes and never to drown out background noise.
5. Use the 6060 rule
To enjoy music from your MP3 player safely, listen to your music at 60% of the
6. Wear headphones
When listening to your personal music player, choose noise cancelling headphones, or go retro with older muff type headphones. These block out background noise and allow you to have the volume lower. Ear bud style headphones and in the ear headphones are less effective at drowning out background noise. Try to take regular breaks from your headphones, though, to give your ears a rest.
7. Turn down the dial
Turn down the volume on your TV, radio or hi fi a notch. Even a small reduction in volume can make a big difference to the risk of damage to your hearing. If you need to raise your voice to be heard above the sound, turn it down.
8. Use earplugs when youre listening to live music
They can reduce average sound levels by between 15 and 35 decibels. Theyre widely available at many live music venues and shouldnt spoil your enjoyment of the music.
9. Dont put up with work noise
If youre experiencing noise at work, talk to your human resources HR department or your manager and ask for advice on reducing the noise and getting hearing protection.
10. Wear ear protectors
Wear ear protectors earplugs or earmuffs if you are using noisy equipment such as power drills, saws, sanders or lawn mowers.

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