precautions while using earphones

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Safety precautions

Precautions while using Earphones

Using earphones is a fantastic way to get a much better experience when you're enjoying music.
Safety precautions

Be careful when turning up the headphone volume control. Before placing the headphones over your ears, set the volume control to minimum, and then slowly increase until you reach a comfortable level.
Do not overdrive the headphones. Like any speakers, playing the sound too loudly on the headphones can cause damage to both the headphones and your ears. Please account for the fact that in gaming, sudden loud explosions may happen unexpectedly, so take care to listen at moderate levels.
Friendly Warning Long term exposure to loud music or other sounds in headphones may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Avoid extreme volume levels when using headphones, especially for extended periods. Over time, your ears adapt to the volume level, so a level that may not cause initial discomfort might still damage your hearing.

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