memorable mothers

Memorable Mothers

Memorable Mothers
21. Michelle Obama
This fashionable female powerhouse redefined the role of First Lady. She makes supporting her husband, caring for her two daughters, and advocating the prevention of childhood obesity in the United States look easy.
22. Rose Kennedy
The spirited and brave matriarch of the Kennedy clan survived heartbreak after heartbreak. She buried her husband and four of her nine children, yet she emerged more resilient than ever, living to the ripe old age of 104.
23. Claire Dunphy Modern Family
It doesnt matter if shes running for city council or catapulting a pumpkin across a football field Claire will stop at nothing to be the best. Through her hilarious misadventures, this neurotic but loveable mother of three reminds us that we cant let our desire to be perfect keep us from enjoying life.
24. Princess Diana
Graceful, beautiful, and kind hearted, Princess Diana ruled with compassion. Despite the strict guidelines imposed upon her as a royal, Diana always strove to expose her sons to everything the world had to offer. Her charity work and caring disposition earned her the admiration and love of people all over the world.
25. Maria Von Trapp The Sound of Music
How do you solve a problem like Maria? Whether shes making play clothes out of curtains, singing about her favorite things, or frolicking through Austrian meadows with her seven boisterous stepchildren, Maria makes every day an adventure and inspires us all to live in the moment.
26. Go To Her Favorite Restaurant And Share The Love
Its the thought that counts so put some consideration into selecting her favorite spot. Make a reservation, enjoy a meal out as a family and then make the experience more memorable by taking the time to go around the table and share what you love most about mom while you wait for your food.
27. Give Mom A Day Off
Plan an outing with your kids and give mom a day off and the house to herself. Come back at night with dinner in your hands, and youll have created a day truly to remember. Mom can have time to do exactly as she wants: go to a yoga class, stay in and watch a movie, read a good book or go get a massage. The best part? After she has a day off to replenish, she can spend the evening with the family she loves so much.
28. Schedule A Photo Shoot
Go DIY or professional. Select a beautiful park, arboretum or spot in nature and capture the family for a memory that lasts. Pack a picnic lunch and soak up some sun to make the day even more special.
29. Buy Jewelry With Meaning
If you want to go conventional with jewelry, make it sentimental with your childs birthstone. Celebrate the day your lovely lady became a mom and choose a special ring, necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet adorned with your childrens birthstones.
30. Write Letters
Handwritten letters are a rarity these days. Have everyone in the family sit down and write a heartfelt letter to mom. Share a favorite memory, what you love best about her or why she is so special. If you really want to go over the top, have each family member read the letter to mom while shes enjoying breakfast in bed.

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