memorable mothers

Memorable Mothers

Memorable Mothers
1. Carol Brady The Brady Bunch
Heres the story, of a lovely lady
2. Clair Huxtable The Cosby Show
This mother of five balanced family life, a successful law career, and a rambunctious husband (Bill Cosby) while simultaneously breaking racial stereotypes of the time.
3. Roseanne Conner Roseanne
This outspoken matriarch led her Midwestern family while working outside the home, something never before seen on television. She portrayed the life of an American blue collar mother and tackled provocative subjects through humor.
4. Juno MacGuff Juno
Who could forget Junos heartwarming story? Although she chose adoption for her baby, she survived teenage pregnancy and learned invaluable lessons about love, compassion, and the true meaning of motherhood.
5. Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls
This spunky single mother gave birth to her daughter, Rory, at age 16, much to the chagrin of her wealthy parents. She ran away from home and settled in the quirky, small town of Stars Hollow, where she and Rory experienced no shortage of interesting characters, hilarious situations, or priceless life lessons.
6. Mrs George Mean Girls
Raise your hand if youve ever felt personally victimized by Regina George. Mrs. George taught mothers everywhere how NOT to raise their daughters unless of course, they want them to be as conniving, insincere, and downright mean as Regina.
7. Lady Tremaine Cinderella
Cinderella, make the fire! Cinderella, do the mopping! The nonstop barking of orders from Cinderellas wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, made everyone shudder in this classic Disney film. Fortunately, she didnt succeed in keeping Cinderella from marrying Prince Charming.
8. Mrs Weasley Harry Potter
Dont mess with Mama Weasley if you know whats good for you. This fearless woman acted as a surrogate mother to Harry Potter while keeping her own mischievous brood in line. She knits the coziest sweaters, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and is never afraid to send a howler to let you know how she really feels.
9. Casey Anthony
This Infamous mother was tried for murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee, and acquitted in 2011. A public outcry erupted after the announcement of the verdict, leading Time magazine to describe the case as the social media trial of the century.
10. Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin starred in the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which documented her chaotic life raising twins and sextuplets with her former husband, Jon. Gosselin also authored several non fiction books, two of which debuted at number five on the New York Time Best seller list.

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