interior design ideas

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Interior Design Ideas

Learn the basics of home decorating, including where to find ideas, design principles.
81. Combined style
For a small space, this combined kitchen/living room crams in a whole lot of style. The checkerboard floor unites the space, while each individual area is subtly sectioned off: the grey living room, a bright dining room and a retro blue kitchen.
82. Studio kitchen
Even if youre living in a tiny studio apartment, the kitchen can still take centre stage. The simple wood and white design keeps things streamlined and the galley style open layout save for a statement dividing wall keeps it from feeling pokey and allows for a real luxury in small kitchens: a dining table!
83. Bicycle art
Keep your bicycle out of the way and make a stylish feature of it with a wall mounted bike rack. Dont worry, it doesnt have to be above the fireplace, a hallway will work just as well.
84. Chic studio kitchen
Kitchen cabinets dont have to be uniform. Bold red cupboards add an extra design element to this monochrome scheme, while the sleek surfaces make the small kitchen look even bigger. Result.
85. Petite parisian
Gallic style goddess In?s de La Fressange revealed in her book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide that the French go mad for simple storage containers and decorate with them liberally, especially in their petite Parisian flats. Look to Muji or Ikea and intersperse them with favourite cookbooks and quirky kitchenalia.
86. Lets mingle
As a small space dweller, the maxim make every inch count wears thin. If you already live in a studio, your living room and kitchen might already mingle whether you like it or not, but if you have separate rooms, consider storing certain items that belong in one room in another. For example, a pretty shelf display of dishes or glasses would look as equally charming in a living room and save some much needed kitchen storage.
87. A bed suspended in air
So... hows it hanging? When it comes to maximising space, this James Bond esque London pad takes the cake er, miniature cupcake? with its innovative approach. Featuring a bed suspended underneath a retractable glass ceiling, it just goes to show you the skys the limit sorry when it comes to cool, creative decorating ideas for small spaces.
88. White on
Small studio dwellers, take note you can live in a bright, airy space. Take inspiration from this all white room from Ikea. Seamless shelving and lots of it mixed with zinc storage boxes very Parisian chic makes for a tiny flat that feels roomy yet stylish.
89. Now you see it
So many ideas where to begin?! Theres the coffee table with added storage, the sofa that doubles as a bed, and the desk/dining table hybrid. But best of all is the wall of storage, stacked high.
90. Now you dont
Ta da! Hide shelving and storage behind a simple curtain. The flat surface lets the eye rest, making the room seem MUCH bigger. White works, or experiment with fabrics and prints that coordinate with the rest of your room.

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