interior design ideas

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Interior Design Ideas

Learn the basics of home decorating, including where to find ideas, design principles.
21. Mirrored wardrobes
Mirror is a vital tool in the armoury of anyone designing a small room. Use it to reflect light and create an illusion of space. Here mirrored Ikea Pax wardrobes flanking the window emphasise the view on to leafy Brompton Cemetery in interior designer Beata Heumans flat. The blinds are in Serafina white by Marvic.
22. Window seat
Interior designer Ilse Crawford has created a perfect little nook by installing a wooden bench in an awkward corner at the bottom of a staircase.
23. Small wonder
This tiny bedroom in the country cottage of Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen obeys one of the cardinal rules of small space design. Dont feel that just because the space is small the furniture or patterns have to be. In this space the bed takes up the majority of the room, and a bold red floral used over bed and window gives a punch of character which nods to the English country cottage tradition. Adding light to rooms with low ceilings is crucial, and the room is painted in pale colours that are slightly dirty says Philip, to complement the age of the house.
24. Small wonder1
This tiny attic bathroom in the country cottage of designer Paolo Moschino makes maximum use of the space, without scrimping on style. In order to allow room for the sink and bath, they are cleverly fused together.
25. Mirror mirror
Designer Ann Boyds tiny London pied a terre is packed with useful ideas. In the bathroom she has installed a short projection loo, and wall hung basin both from Bathstore to free up space. These have been used in combination with a backdrop of mirror glass panelling to cheat the rooms compact proportions.
26. The design mirror
The design of this small attic bathroom by Todhunter Earle for a chalet in Chamonix, is practically perfect see the rest of the room here. A panel of mirror glass that works with the shape of the room, makes the sloped ceiling feel higher and the room bigger.
27. City storage
Make the city guest room a place where people can have an escape of sorts, suggests designer Veere Grenney, the creator of this jewel of a room. The fabric covered walls and tented ceiling feel luxurious and exotic; it is hard to remember you are in the middle of London. A shelf full of good books is an imperative; here it is built in to the wall at the foot of the bed as there was no room for a standing shelf. It is the easiest way to give a room life and character.
28. Magic wardrobe
Open shelving has been fixed to the back of the mirror panelled bedhead in designer Ann Boyds small home create a walk in wardrobe space tucked away from view.
29. Colour block
Samuel and Caitlin Dowe Sandes, the owners of Moroccan tile company Popham Design have decorated their riad, in the heart of Marrakechs medina, using crisp colour and pieces sourced from the local souk. Utilizing a small narrow space, the blue wall draws the eye to the back of the room where the bed had been placed on a raised platform.
30. Stagger your storage
Remember that storage doesnt necessarily have to be in the bedroom. If you have a corridor near the room consider utilising that as a place to put wardrobes, as designer Philippa Thorpe has in this Chelsea house.

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