ideas to increase website traffic

Ideas to increase Website Traffic

101 ways which help you to get more traffic website using social media .
1. Search Engine Optimization SEO
Drive traffic to your site from search engine using SEO. Search engine optimization is important to get your website ranking and to gain organic traffic.
2. Facebook Fan Pages
Create a Facebook Fan Page is a terrific way to promote your website and get tons of traffic all for free.
3. Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish is the largest dating website. POF lets you pay for traffic and gain tons of traffic to your website.
4. Create King Content
Create valuable content that is worth for reading and sharing with others.
5. Become An Expert On Your Niche
By writing high quality and informative articles on your niche your visitors will consider you an expert.
6. Join Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking site are a great way to get your webpage noticed. I have enlisted some of my favorite social bookmarking sites.

Stumble Upon
Tweet Meme
Slash Dot
Friend Feed

7. Industry Specific Directories
Have your website listed in the most relevant niche specific industry. I have enlisted my favorite free directories that I currently use.
8. Email List
Building an email list is important to increase traffic and revenue. I have enlisted the top email listing sites.
Get Response
Mail Chimp
Jango Mail
Ezine Director
Campaign Monitor
Benchmark Email
Vertical Response
9. Buy Backlinks
Backlinks are also known as incoming links to a website. When buying backlinks is important to only buy high quality links relevant to your niche. I have compose of my favorite places to purchase backlinks. Buying high quality links will help ensure your site rank higher in less time.
The Hoth
Backlink Booster
10. Email Signature
Include your website address in the footer of each email. This will help promote your website.