best holiday gifts

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Best Holiday Gifts

Whether for your friend, brother, or husband, these are great gifts this holiday season.
1. Black Blum Sandwich On Board
Step anyones sandwich game up a notch with this genius containercumcutting board. The lunch box is the perfect solution to avoid soggy sandwichesjust pack the tomato (or any other juicy ingredients) separately and slice it at your desk for ultimate freshness.
2. Corkcicle Air
Stop the travesty that is lukewarm white wine with this icicleshaped contraption. Keep it in the freezer, and when you uncork a new bottle, use it to keep the wine the perfect temp for hours. It functions as a pourer and aerator too. The only thing that could make it better would be an accompanying bottle of wine.
3. Snowflake Ice Tray
Ice molds are big this holiday season, and while we saw Buddha, gem, and diamond varieties, our favorite is this classic snowflake tray. Its festive for the holidays but also works the rest of the year (ice doesnt go out of style). This mold is really the gift that keeps on givingas long as you refill it.
4. Quirky Nibble Cake Pan
This is for the impatient people on your list. Save them the pain of slaving away on a cake, only to have to wait even longer to get a taste of the goods. With this minime in the mix, theyll get a sample to make sure everything is as delicious as expected without cutting into the final product.
5. Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
If flavored water is your thing, you need this in your life. The builtin juicer is the perfect size for lemons, limes, oranges, and clementines. You can even add fresh herbs to the bottom compartment for bolder flavors. Zing it loud, zing it proud, stay hydrated.
6. Sit Stay Brew Tea Infuser
Sure, there are dog people and there are cat people, but we dare you to find someone who wouldnt love this pug perched on the side of their glass, making them a cup of tea. Its one of the easiest ways to add a dose of happiness to your day.
7. Inspiralized Cookbook
If anyone on your list, like us, picked up a spiralizer a few months ago, chances are theyve been enjoying the same two zucchini dishes ever since (guilty as charged). Help them branch out with this cookbook thats packed with great ideas for easy, lowcarb meals.
8. Super Smoothies
This deck breaks down smoothie recipes by situation (heading to the gym, in a rush, or craving dessert), which is to say its perfect for the person with a packed Gcal. The 50 vegan smoothie recipes make it easy to eat clean, shake up your routine, and still get where you need to be.
9. Crayum Batter Crayon
Saturday morning pancakes just got better. For the friend whose brunch love knows no bounds, help them spice up the standard flapjack with this Picassomaking batter crayon.
10. WINE O Bottle Bag
This is the musthave gift for all of the laidback nerds on your list. Theyll appreciate the lowkey faux paper bag exterior while loving the technology that secretly keeps their wine the perfect temperature. Effortlessly cool, literally.

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