best holiday gifts

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Weekend Plant Feeders

Best Holiday Gifts

Whether for your friend, brother, or husband, these are great gifts this holiday season.
Weekend Plant Feeders

We all have that friend who got a plant to show they can take care of something (besides themselves), but underestimated what it took to keep it alive. This feeder is the perfect out: Stocked with three days of water, it allows you and your bud to head out for a weekend vacation, learn a little about yourselves, and be back before the plant dies.

Mod Metal Planter
Black Blum Sandwich On Board
Corkcicle Air
Goldie CableKeeps
Heart of Gold
Moby Stapler
Snowflake Ice Tray
Sit Stay Brew Tea Infuser
Crayum Batter Crayon
Portable Phone Charger
Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
Quirky Nibble Cake Pan
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