benefits of lemon

Benefits of Lemon

1. Benefits Of Lemonade Diet
1. The benefit of this diet is often explained in the form of rapid weight loss. To put it in a better way, this program enables the body to regain its balance of elements and maintain its optimum weight. Those who are not over weight lose between 2-3 kgs and those who are underweight re-establish the balance of the bodys metabolism. The process would have taken much longer if the body had to burn off all the excess fat.
2. The loss of weight is only a secondary effect, the principal effect being detoxification of the organs of the body. Moreover, the body gets rid of fat deposits. It is in the course of this purification that the skin and hair get embellished.
3. Detoxification will allegedly rid the body of warts, arthritis, asthma, stomach troubles etc. Besides, lemon juice and cayenne pepper will flush out excess fat from your body leading to rapid weight loss during the diet and cleanse the lymphatic system, of toxins. The maple syrup contains all the nutrients your body needs to function during this time.
2. Side effects of Lemon Diet
As it is a master cleanse, the lemon diet will release toxins into your body causing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea or a general feeling of being tired and possibly other symptoms. The magnitude and occurrence of these symptoms depend on how many toxins you have in your body.
3. Clean Copper
Make a paste with lemon juice and salt and rub all over copper item. Scrub with a rough cloth or cut lemon half until tarnish is completely removed. Rinse and dry.
4. Clean Cutting Boards
The best way to clean cutting boards - plastic or wood - is to rub them with a cut lemon half. For stubborn stains (strawberries, beets) or caked-on bits, use some coarse salt to help scrub the board clean. Rinse well and dry.
5. Clean Garbage Disposal
Running juiced lemon shells or any peel through the garbage disposal will freshen and deodorize it.
6. Clean Glass
Rub glass with a cut lemon or soak in lemon juice and water to add sparkle back to dull glass. This is especially effective with cloudy coffee pots, pitchers, or decanters.
7. Clean Hands
Stinky hands from handling fish, onions, or chemicals? Greasy from meats or hands-on cooking tasks? Rub your hands with a lemon wedge to remove the odor. Bonus: Lemon juice will smooth and soften your skin in the process.
8. Deep Clean Hair
Lemon juice can speed up the natural blond highlights blond hair gets from sunshine when left in, but it can also brighten and re-fresh all hair, removing product build-up. Mix 1 part lemon juice with 4 parts water, rinse hair with lemon water and then rinse clean with clear water.
9. Freshen Rooms
A bowl of lemons adds a fresh scent to any room - and looks pretty in the process. Lemons can keep for up to two weeks at cool room temperature. (And you can always grab one for juice or zest for use in the kitchen.)
10. Improve Soil
Fix soil that needs more acidity by adding lemon shells to the ground.

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