myth about adoption

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If I adopt internationally

Myth about Adoption

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child.
If I adopt internationally

All children are curious about where they came from For those who do not have facts, you will explore possible scenarios with your child You will also discuss why adoptions from that country occurred at that time As for the fears of contact with birth families, the reality is that contact can be anything from a phone conversation somewhere along the adoption process, to ongoing contact during and after the adoption takes place Having contact does not mean you are co parenting It means that everyone cares about the child s best interests Years ago, the possibility of contact with birth parents in international adoption was improbable But now with the Internet and international search groups, it has become easier for birth parents and siblings to find one another and gain information about family history

Adoption will complete you
Your child will think adoption is the greatest thing to happen to him
Adoption is the opposite of abortion As long as we have one we don t need the other
Adoption is a more traumatic experience for a woman than abortion
Birthparents who care about their child would never consider adoption
The Hope of Being Adopted
A birthparent will forget about the child released for adoption
As soon as you adopt you ll get pregnant
You can t adopt unless you re rich and have a big house
People adopt to save a child
If I adopt internationally
The Adoption Process Takes Many Years
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