innovative products ideas

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Innovative Products Ideas

Innovative Products Ideas
21. Sky Wi Fi Smartpen
Livescribe stores everything you write with the pen electronically. It is an innovative product useful for both students and professionals for taking notes and team collaboration.
22. Slamdoor
Slamdoor offers a door for every member of the house.
23. Solar Powered Camping Tent
Solar powered camping tent developed by Eddie Bauer Katatatic is another innovative product that helps you camp with zero carbon footprint. It generates enough electricity to power small electronic devices.
24. 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker
Kick start your day with the revolutionary 3 in 1 breakfast maker. Enjoy coffee, bread and eggs all made in one small machine.
25. Tile Never Lose What is Important
Tile keeps a track of your important belongings. This means you will not loose your cellphone again.
26. Circuit Board Necktie
Perfect for engineers.
27. 3Doodler The 3D Printing Pen
3Doodler is an innovative product that lets you 3D print objects by hand. This means that creativity lies directly in your hand.
28. The Stormproof Umbrella
Umbrella s have been around for a very long time, however, they have one major problem they cannot withstand a windy day. The problem has finally been solved with a new innovative design offered by Senz.
29. Pocket Sized Washing Machine
With Scrubba pocket sized washing machine, you can wash your clothes any where, any time in 30 seconds for free.
30. Ultra Ever Dry Waterproof Coating
Ultra Ever Dry is an amazing product which does not let anything stick to the surface you apply it on.

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