innovative products ideas

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Innovative Products Ideas

Innovative Products Ideas
11. Personal The Home Lift System
Developed by Stiltz, this bare bone elevator can fit into any house.
12. An Electro Adhesive Bulletin Board
We all love bulletin boards. Unlike conventional boards, this new innovative board does not need any pins or tape.
13. The Kitchen Safe
These jars will open only at pre set times. Perfect for controlling your food cravings.
14. Remote Entryway Lock System
Forget keys Lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone.
15. A Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Mask
Control your dreams and induce yourself into lucid dreaming.
16. Fabric Printer Kit
Take pictures using your smartphone or download from internet. Then you can print the image on any fabric using just sunlight & Lumi Kit.
17. Magnetic Light Switch Cover
Magnetically hang any thing without nails or hooks using Neo Cover.
18. Blind Spot Free Rearview Mirror
This amazing blind spot free rear view mirror gives full 180 degree view. This helps ensure safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork. An essential upgrade for your car.
19. Camera Lens Mug
Drink through what you love get your camera lens mug here.
20. Door That Converts Into Table Tennis
Part of Wonderful Engineering home improvement ideas, this is simply cool.

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